“Different strokes for different folks.”

That’s always been my motto.

While I’m not LGBTQ myself, I do have friends in that community, and I have never had a problem with them for it. In fact, I never gave their sexual inclination a second’s thought.

I chalk that up to Generation X’s willingness to accept alternative lifestyles.

I have zero problems with the LGBTQ community, and I truly want them to have all the freedoms that every American citizen is guaranteed.

However, there is something that I’ve noticed that I’m not happy with—something that should make everybody a little nervous: the villainization of the straight man, particularly if it’s a straight white man.

We hear terms like “toxic masculinity” thrown around whenever a man acts like, well… a man. Any man who makes an inappropriate joke or says something off-color is instantly demonized and exorcised right out of our society.

Slowly but surely, Liberals are trying to breed masculine qualities out of their children, raising them to “gender-neutral” or, in some cases, forcing them into identifying as trans out of some twisted sense of “wokeness.”

However, what these people are failing to understand is that, if you breed out the BAD traits of masculinity in this way, you’re also breeding out the GOOD traits…

Protective drive, competitiveness, honor, and aggressive motivation—all things that are useful tools in the world, and if you get rid of them, then there will be problems.

China knows this and understands it, and they’ve noticed the same trend going on in their country as well.

But unlike America, where people are EMBRACING this growing feminization of our young me, China is doing something to reverse it—and it could end up biting America in the ass at the end.

The Chinese government has been concerned about their country’s most popular role models, noticing that their most popular actors, athletes, and celebrities have been more effeminate than they have in years past. That’s something that the communist regime has both the desire and the power to change.

So, the Chinese education ministry issued a notice titled “The Proposal to Prevent the Feminization of Male Adolescents,” a policy that calls for schools to totally reform their physical education curriculum and bring in more “masculine” teachers.

The notice also talks about recruiting retired athletes and people from sporting backgrounds—much like Russia did during the Cold War—so these men can assist in “cultivating students’ masculinity”.

This is a change that has been a long time coming, as one of China’s top advisors, Si Zefu, has gone on record saying that he thinks that many of China’s young men had become “weak, timid, and self-abasing.”

There was a trend among young Chinese males towards “feminization,” he claimed, which “would inevitably endanger the survival and development of the Chinese nation” unless it was “effectively managed.”

And here’s what’s crazy…

I agree with him.

Si Zefu said the environment in the home was partly to blame. Most Chinese boys are raised by their mothers or grandmothers, and the popular celebrities of the country were making Chinese children “not want to be ‘army heroes'” anymore.

While that may be a twisted and warped way of looking at it, he’s not wrong in thinking that the glorification of the feminized male is hurting his country. You can see the same effect it’s having on our own nation.

If a child is gay or effeminate, that’s fine. Let them be who they are…

But don’t create an entire culture that pushes the villainization of masculinity just because you want to seem “woke” and sensitive.

China is looking to get itself back on the right track.

While America is embracing things like trans-children and Drag Queen Story Hour, China is looking to inject more masculinity back into their society.

This could put the US firmly behind the eight-ball for YEARS to come if we’re not careful.

This is a battle we need to win if democracy is going to survive…

And nobody in charge is paying attention.

Where’s Trump when you need him?


“Masculinity is not something given to you, but something you gain. And you gain it by winning small battles with honor.” – Norman Mailer