The CCP finalized their takeover of Hong Kong’s Democratic political system by passing legislation that reduces the territory’s representation and requires them to be “patriots” for mainland China.

Say goodbye to the “one country, two systems” idea Hong Kong held on to for decades under British supervision.

One of the last bastions of freedom and Democracy outside of the United States exists no longer after the CCP’s swift takeover.

Putting the nail in the coffin, Chinese President Xi Jinping signed an election law passed Tuesday by the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress which overhauls Hong Kong’s existing election system by permanently eliminating pro-Democracy advocates from legislature.

As part of the shakeup, Beijing said a committee will be established to review qualifications of candidates running for office in Hong Kong to ensure it is governed by “patriots,” the Associated Press reported.

China claims they are honoring the “one country, two systems” rule, but requiring allegiance to China’s authoritarian central government.

Furthermore, China is drastically reducing the number of elected representatives in Hong Kong’s 70-member legislature. Currently, half of those members, 35 seats total, are held by elected officials. China is reducing that to just 20 seats eligible to be directly elected by the public.

Under the new rules, 20 “patriot” legislators will be elected, 30 chosen by constituencies, and 40 by an Election Committee that represents the interests of Beijing. The Election Committee that is controlled by the CCP and is responsible for choosing Hong Kong’s leader will also be vastly expanded from 1,200 to 1,500 members.

Despite criticisms that Beijing is destroying the territory’s election system, Carrie Lam, the leader of Hong Kong, contended “the central government is very sincere to give Hong Kong people so-called more democracy, that is, universal suffrage.”

As Hong Kong moves forward with what Lam calls “the current set of improvements in place,” she is certain the territory “will still have universal suffrage in selecting the chief executive.”

However, to any reasonable person, this is not possible by removing the people’s right to democratically elect legislators who are not required to have allegiance to Beijing.

“We just need to act in concert, and make sure that we are not moving away from this very fundamental concept of ‘once country, two systems,’” Lam deceptively said.

Make no mistake; President Xi’s latest “national security” and election law forcing the entire political system of the previously Democratic territory to comply with Beijing’s commands is a complete overhaul of any hint of freedom or fair elections in Hong Kong. The day of freedom in the territory is gone as the CCP continues to carry out its expansionary vision for the surrounding regions.