China is conducting biological warfare against the United States, and it’s happening before our very eyes.

Yes, you read that right. China is committing acts of war against the United States using tactics our generation has only read about in history books. We shouldn’t be surprised that an ancient country is using ancient combat methods to take down their greatest competition and biggest world power – the USA. Although China is not engaging in a physical battle with our country, we should treat it just as seriously as if it were.

And if you’re thinking this is about the Chinese coronavirus, guess again.

The Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday that US state officials from the Department of Agriculture are investigating hundreds of reports that American citizens are receiving packages they did not order containing unknown seeds. While most packages originated from China, some were labeled as having been shipped from Uzbekistan.

A spokesperson from the USDA stated they are working with Homeland Security to prevent these unsolicited packages falsely labeled as jewelry, earbuds, or small toys, from illegally reaching American residents.

Officials are urging those who receive the packages not to plant or even throw away the seeds for fear that they may be invasive species or harmful weeds that could introduce disease to crops and livestock.

So far, various departments have received phone calls from more than 1,000 Americans who were sent seeds all over the United States, including California, Louisiana, New York, Florida, and several others. US officials are in the process of obtaining the various types of seeds, so they can send them to labs for testing.

When asked for question, WSJ reported that on Tuesday that China’s Foreign Ministry denied mailing the packages. They alleged that the labels were forged and asked the US to return the packages so Chinese officials can investigate.

Wait, which one is it, China? If the labels were forged, then why would you ask for them to be “returned?” Inconsistencies are appearing already.

Curiously, Canadian residents also began receiving similar packages of seeds, according to the WSJ. If Mexico receives them next, I think it will be safe to assume this is a coordinated attack from China against the USMCA countries. As we previously wrote about on FreedomWire, the USMCA trade deal between the North American countries went into effect earlier this month. The deal strengthens North American trade and reinforces their position in comparison to China, not to mention the fact that China is losing desperately economically amid the pandemic.

While that is just a theory for now, one fact remains: China is attacking us domestically for the third time this year, but this time, agriculturally. Rather than sending out another virus to decimate our economy or collecting personal information on American TikTok users, they are mailing suspicious seeds to unsuspecting Americans.

Think about this. China let a deadly virus—which arguably originated from the Wuhan lab—get out of containment, causing thousands of deaths throughout the world and almost irreparable economic damage. They consistently employ Hollywood and Big Tech censorship to do the Chinese Communist Party’s bidding. They ban conservatives and steal users’ personal information on TikTok, an app President Trump said he may ban nationally. China is engaging in war-like tactics to get ahead politically, culturally, and economically at the expense of millions of Americans’ physical health and digital privacy.

It’s not a conspiracy that communist China is trying to sink our country as they have everything to gain from doing so. Their best line of defense is to keep attacking their enemies until they come out on top. It certainly seems that that is exactly what they are trying to do.