This is election could be one giant dumpster fire. There is already the possibility that mail-in voting will cause widespread voting fraud, or at the very least it will cause election results to take weeks, possibly months, to become official. Then, there is the threat that the election will be influenced by outside actors, including foreign governments such as Russia, Iran, and China. There is no need to rehash the Russian influence campaign in 2016, which influenced exactly 0 votes and received no cooperation from the Trump campaign. That is old news.

However, the media so far has largely ignored the efforts of China to sway the election to Joe Biden, which makes sense given how much of a pushover he is compared to the way President Trump has dealt with the Chinese. Plus, given Hunter Biden’s business deals with the Chinese, this should come as no surprise.

Biden is also a political doormat that the Chinese Communist Party can walk all over. The same cannot be said of Donald Trump, and he has proven this in his dealings with China and other foreign powers for the past four years. He has sat down and hammered out tough trade deals, has condemned their treatment of Hong Kong, and has correctly blamed them for the Chinese Virus outbreak.

Attorney General William Barr confirmed that the intelligence he has received points to a large election interference operation on the part of the Chinese. Barr told this to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, during a recent interview. The American Military News reported, “During the Wednesday interview, Blitzer reiterated an August report by the U.S. Office of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI), which assessed Russia prefers to harm Joe Biden’s election chances in favor of President Donald Trump, while China and Iran both prefer Trump does not win reelection. When asked by Blitzer which country has been the most assertive and aggressive in its election motives, Barr said ‘I believe it’s China.’

Asked how he came to the conclusion China posed the greatest election threat, Barr said, ‘Because I’ve seen the intelligence, that’s what I’ve concluded.’ Blitzer pressed Barr for details, but the Attorney General said I’m not going to get into that.’ ’More aggressive than Russia?’ Blitzer asked. ‘Yes,’ Barr responded.”

The truth is that both parties in Congress need to come together while working with the states to make sure that our election is not interfered with by foreign or domestic actors. This shouldn’t be that hard, but we live in polarized times and it is a zero-sum proposition. Either we win, or they win.

The Democrats need to create a straw man for them to tear down if they lose the election again, just like they did in 2016 by blaming Russia, Russia, Russia. They need to build up a foreign interference and voter suppression narrative to justify their loss, and they’ve already laid the groundwork for it. It couldn’t possibly be that they are far to the Left of the American people and that Joe Biden doesn’t know what state he is in half of the time. No, it’s because Trump cheated before and he will cheat again.

Well, this time the Chinese might very well make it that Joe Biden is the one doing the cheating—and if they win, I highly doubt there will be a spying operation and a two-year investigation into Chinese election interference like the one the Democrats subjected the American people to for two years. Just a hunch.