Victim-blaming was once passe in the United States, but it seems to be all the rage again in San Francisco lately. What was once frowned upon is now the official stance that recently-elected District Attorney Chesa Boudin is taking towards crime in his city.

If you get robbed in San Francisco…it’s your fault.

I wonder if he feels the same way about rape. Does Boudin think that rape victims “had it coming” because of the way they’re dressed?

This may seem like a joke, but it’s actually a legitimate question because of the stance that Boudin is applying to the prosecution of San Francisco’s violent criminals.

This all came to a head when Boudin, San Francisco’s district attorney since 2019, spoke out in DEFENSE of a serial shoplifter who nonchalantly filmed his robbing sprees at a local Walgreens on multiple occasions.

The suspect, identified as one Jean Lugo-Romero, was arrested on June 19 for one of the four robberies (stealing on May 29, 30, 31 and June 1) and is still in jail…but Walgreens corporate leadership has decided not to prosecute.

In the video seen by thousands online, Lugo-Romero casually rides his bicycle into the store, takes what he wants, and rides out without anyone intervening.

It’s mindboggling…

When most people see that footage, they see a brazen criminal who is acting as if there are no repercussions for the actions he’s taking.

He doesn’t seem to have a care I the world…

But that’s not how the San Fran DA sees it. The ultra-progressive Boudin sees this brazen act of thievery in a very twisted way.

“Let ‘Em Go!” The Progressive Approach To Crime

“When I watch that video, I think about five questions that people are not asking that I think they should,” Boudin told The New Yorker. “Is he drug-addicted, mentally ill, desperate? Is he part of a major retail fencing operation? What’s driving this behavior and is it in any way representative, because it was presented as something symptomatic?”

Ok, fine, ask the questions.

However, regardless of the REASONING behind the crime, as a society, we simply can’t allow criminals to behave as if there are no consequences for their actions.

That is NOT how civil society works.

“If Walgreens has insurance for certain goods or they expect a certain amount of loss, if they would rather not risk lawsuits or escalation to violence – then maybe that’s something we should know about,” Boudin continued. “But when this particular individual was arrested, and we got the full police history, it turned out that he had been detained by the police previously after another Walgreens incident, and they didn’t arrest him because Walgreens had said they did not want to press charges in that prior case. The police had known who he was for months.”

But it’s YOUR job to keep the people of your city SAFE from crime, not to try to “understand” it!

Who cares how Walgreens feels?

Think about the people of the city that are afraid to go shopping because of the fear of getting robbed.

Does that not concern anyone?

It should

That’s what Boudin was elected to do.

Regardless of whether Walgreens wants to prosecute or not, his goal should be making the NON-criminal element of his city feel safe. The way that Boudin is acting, it seems like he thinks his job is to make CRIMINALS feel safe and entitled to commit more crimes.

This is what happens when you go so woke and lose sight of the ultimate goal: a civil society.

It may not be too long until people in San Francisco start taking matters into their own hands again like they did during the Wild West.

I mean, if robbery isn’t going to be prosecuted, after all…


“In nature there are neither rewards nor punishments; there are consequences.” – Robert Green Ingersoll