A few weeks ago, President Biden made an earth-shattering announcement: the CDC no longer recommends wearing masks outdoors if you are in a group of vaccinated people.

Wow, amazing!

I have a question: Who the hell has been wearing a mask outside this whole time?

If we are supposed to follow the science, then masks should never have been worn outdoors. In fact, the CDC has fudged the numbers, and we can PROVE it! The CDC’s estimate of COVID cases contracted is ten times higher than the actual number.

The CDC claims that upwards of ten percent of cases were contracted outside when that number is likely only 0.1 percent.

That is according to the New York Times’s David Leonhardt, who proved even the New York Times can do accurate reporting from time to time. Hey, even a broken clock is right twice a day, as the old saying goes.

Leonhardt reported, “ In truth, the share of transmission that has occurred outdoors seems to be below 1 percent and may be below 0.1 percent, multiple epidemiologists told me [David Leonhardt]. The rare outdoor transmission that has happened almost all seems to have involved crowded places or close conversation.

Saying that less than 10 percent of Covid transmission occurs outdoors is akin to saying that sharks attack fewer than 20,000 swimmers a year. (The actual worldwide number is around 150.) It’s both true and deceiving.”

No word yet if David Leonhardt has been fired by the New York Times for doing a rare piece of unbiased journalism.

The CDC recommendations should always be taken with a grain of salt. Many of their recommendations—including the now infamous 6-foot social distancing rule—have not been grounded in scientific fact.

The virus is spread through aerosols suspended in the air and are so tiny (less than .3 macrons) that even masks can’t keep the virus from infecting a person.

The draconian lockdowns have been based on junk science and should have never occurred.

In fact, the CDC should have encouraged Americans to go outside as much as possible because it is nearly impossible to contract COVID outside.

But instead, they put the fear of God in Americans believing that COVID lurked in every park and sidewalk and should be avoided at all costs.

Why would anyone ever listen to the supposed experts at the CDC ever again?

The death rate is so low for those under 70 that people in the low-risk age group should have been allowed to live life as normal while those with underlying health conditions and the elderly should have been protected.

That is what happened in Florida thanks to Governor Ron DeSantis, who actually- tracked the data and immediately shielded Florida’s large elderly population as best he could while reopening the state earlier than nearly every state in the union.

When historians look back at the government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, they should judge the supposed experts and many of our political authorities harshly for their recommendations and orders that squashed individual liberty.

This can never be allowed to happen again.