During the past few months, guns have been under attack by the radical Left. During the controversial “essential versus non-essential” debate regarding business closures, many liberal cities attempted to shut down gun stores, arguing that they were “unessential.” Conservatives argued, of course, that buying guns and attending church services are Constitutionally essential and cannot be suspended in any time of crisis. This principle was echoed by Attorney General William Barr after the pandemic was largely over and life was beginning to go back to normal. However, apparently the face mask mandates in many states have posed a big question of whether it’s legal for CCW holders to carry while wearing a mask.

Some eastern states have announced their stance on the legality issue, siding with gun owners. County sheriffs in states including Virginia, Illinois, and North Carolina have announced that mask-wearing will not affect CCW holders.

A Guilford County Sheriff in North Carolina decided, “As for COVID-19, the bottom line is that if you have a valid Concealed Carry permit, you may carry a concealed handgun while wearing a mask as protection from COVID-19,” Rogers said on Facebook. “The mask must, however, be worn for health/safety reasons — not to hide or disguise your identity — and the mask must be removed if you are asked to do so by a Law Enforcement Officer.”

For me, it’s difficult to understand why this is even an issue. If the coronavirus pandemic were not happening, no one would bring up the issue of wearing a face mask while carrying a gun. People would be free to wear face masks for health issues and still have a firearm, and no one would even question it. Furthermore, the right to bear arms is Constitutionally protected. Whether someone is concealed carrying or not is no one else’s business as long as the person is doing so legally. I don’t like the idea of telling people how they can live their private lives. Plus, I know conservatives love to say this, but it’s true: criminals do not follow the law. Making it illegal to carry a weapon while wearing a mask will not deter someone who intends to shoot people.

In a separate win for gun owners, Fox News L.A. reported that the Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva will dramatically increase issuance of the notoriously difficult-to-get CCW’s in the county. A reporter wrote on Twitter, “NEW: In a live stream just now, L.A. County Sheriff Alex Villanueva said he expects to begin increasing the amount of concealed carry permits he issues by as much as 400%. CCWs are notoriously difficult to obtain in LA.”

This comes after LA county had specifically targeted gun and ammunition stores, forcing them to close after they were deemed “non-essential.” Similar actions happened around the country in particularly Blue areas, prompting protests and lawsuits. Due to the uncertainty of the time, gun sales soared in April and May, reaching historic levels—as much as a 200% increase—as new gun owners rushed to purchase firearms before it was too late.

Although this is encouraging news coming from extremely liberal L.A. county, I’m skeptical of their motives and implementation. At least for now, gun owners can relax in knowing their guns are safe until the next ploy by the Democrats to restrict their Second Amendment rights. Maybe our rights will end up somewhat unscathed after the severe infringement our government inflicted on our every day lives.