The Trump administration is taking bold action to combat the Democrat-backed rioters who are rampantly destroying America’s historical monuments. This week, Trump revealed new legislation that effectively criminalizes any person who takes it upon themselves to destroy statues or public monuments anywhere in the United States. In support of that decision, Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Ben Carson issued a strong message to the black community as well as local leaders, urging them to mitigate the lawlessness taking place in many urban areas.

Just ahead of the 4th of July weekend, the Trump-appointed African American HUD Secretary wrote an op-ed for NBC News on Thursday morning addressing the chaos that has swept the nation.

Carson sent a reminder to all Americans that this country that was built on freedom, “continues to hold certain truths — life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness — to be self-evident, and we should work each and every day democratically, as our Founding Fathers intended, to improve and ensure these rights for all.”

He urged locally elected politicians to work harder in protecting their communities in order to maintain these ideals. Carson wrote, “mayors and governors must immediately condemn the vandalization of statues and dismantle autonomous zones. Destroying our history, wrecking our communities, and inhibiting our law enforcement officers will only result in more tyranny, not more freedom. In fact, what we have seen these past few weeks is chaos, lawlessness, even murder.”

Carson also spoke directly to the black community, encouraging them “to recognize hatred and stand up for freedom. We can celebrate Black lives and speak out against mob rule, censorship, and anarchy at the same time.” He condemned cancel culture, maintaining that you can stand up for Black lives and be against defunding the police simultaneously.

The HUD Secretary also addressed racism in his community: “I am not denying that racism is real. It is, but I do not think it is widely espoused. In fact, I believe opposition to racism is a more commonly held belief, as we have seen in the thousands of people marching for equality and justice nationwide. Racism does not define us as a country; our commitment to freedom does,” he asserted.

This comes after President Trump signed an executive order earlier this week to criminalize those who are destroying or vandalizing monuments. The measure, called “Executive Order on Protecting American Monuments, Memorials, and Statues and Combating Recent Criminal Violence,” will put anyone who tries to “hurt our monuments or our statues” in prison for 10 years.

The president revealed a video on Twitter today explaining the order and proving that his administration will protect America’s heritage.

This is what America needs right now – accountability for criminals and real empowerment for the Black community. Ben Carson is displaying the kind of leadership we’ve been lacking. While Trump is taking action to protect America’s heritage, he can only do so much now that the media has completely distorted his image to minority communities. It’s much more effective to see a black leader step up to talk directly to his community and defend America’s values.