We all knew that when the CARES Act was signed, it was going to cause major issues for businesses when things started going back to normal.

The Right knew it was dangerous to give people more money than they were earning at their actual jobs, and they told people as much, but no one listened. The reason for the concern was simple: why would employees go back to a job that was paying them less than what they could make sitting at home doing nothing?

Right now, there are millions of unemployed people making an extra $600 per week in unemployment benefit on top of the usual benefits handed out before the pandemic. Many newly-unemployed workers are finding that they actually make more money not working than they ever did while going to work every day.

Of course, the Left dismissed this concern when it was addressed by the opponents of the CARES act. Proponents of the PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) said, “It’s not a problem! People will still run right back to work.”


Do they ever get tired of being wrong? Because this plan backfired in a BIG way. As the pandemic passes and things begin to reopen, there are lots of businesses throughout the country that can’t open their doors today because they simply can’t find enough workers.

Not that it matters, because the Left doesn’t care that they’re wrong. They still got a win out of all this because more people are becoming dependent on the federal government with every passing day.

This Is An Absolute WIN In The Dem’s Eyes

This is exactly what they want. A dependent voter is a loyal voter.

But that doesn’t change much for the business owners of our great country. They STILL need workers, but not they can’t find any.

The irony is that most business owners signed on to the Paycheck Protection Program because they wanted to do the right thing and ensure that their furloughed employees would have a job to come back to once the lockdown ended. It was done out a sense of loyalty for the people that counted on the business to survive…but now that loyalty isn’t being reciprocated.

There are stories about some workers not even returning phone calls or texts from their employers. They just sit at home collecting government money, and that’s just fine with them.

So, we have furloughed workers all over the nation taking advantage of the PPP, which can pay people up to $1000 a week (thanks to the $600 a week bonus by Uncle Sam) to sit at home and do nothing.

So, in essence, the federal government is incentivizing people to stay home and collect welfare. Meanwhile, business owners are forced to find alternatives or other workers to fill the roles that are needed. Keeping a business in line with the new post-COVID guidelines is even more difficult than operating under normal circumstances. It takes a lot more manpower to keep places clean to meet the standards that some states are putting forth.

And a dwindling employment pool isn’t helping.

Reciprocity Is What Makes The World Go ‘Round

Small business owners are scared that they’re going to lose everything to this pandemic. They’ve been patiently waiting for the states to put out guidelines to reopen their economies—but not having the manpower to serve their customers once the lockdowns lift could lead to the death of that business anyway.

If small businesses are going to survive, something is going to have to be done to get these workers off of welfare and back to their jobs, earning their money instead of collecting it.

It’s going to require real progress and work from both state and federal officials. They’re going to have to put in REAL effort to do whatever they can to get people off unemployment benefits. If they don’t, then we can expect to deal with this problem for a LONG time.

Most states can’t sustain this kind of financial safety net for very long, especially not when they suddenly have to support millions of additional people. In many places, the unemployment coffers are already starting to run dry.

This is bad for everybody, and unless they do something, you can expect a lot more people on unemployment. Some of these struggling business owners are going to wind up on it themselves after they’re forced to close their doors for good.

Let’s see what these leaders have up their sleeves…

Hopefully, it’s something that will get Americans back to work.


“Work ethic is important because, unlike intelligence, athleticism, charisma, or any other natural attribute, it’s a choice.” – Mike Rowe