Would you believe that, in 2021 America, people are being sentenced for crimes they didn’t commit?

Can you even comprehend how infuriating and devastating this travesty of justice must be for those on the receiving end?

Then, on top of that, imaging receiving a harsher, longer sentence than anyone else who committed the same crime.

For Troy Smocks, a Conservative from Texas, this nightmare has become a reality.

During Smocks’ sentencing hearing this week, US District Judge Tanya S. Chutkan handed down the harshest punishment yet for someone involved in the Capitol riot of January 6th. She sentenced Troy Smocks to 14 months in prison…even though the man was not physically present at the riot.

Smocks did admit to posting threatening messages on social media the day AFTER the riot from his DC hotel room, but he and his attorneys maintain that he wasn’t even in attendance at the Capitol Building.

The messages for which Smocks was arrested said in part: “Prepare our weapons, and then go get’em. Let’s hunt these cowards down like the Traitors that each of them are. This includes RINOS, Dems, and Tech Execs. We now have the green light.”

Obviously, that’s bad…but it wasn’t a direct threat to any specific person; it was just a frustrated American letting his anger out on social media, as have countless others on both the Right and the Left.

Why Is His Sentence Longer Than Others?

What’s worse, his sentence is the longest term to date resulting from the federal investigation of the incident at the nation’s capital.

On top of that, Smocks is Black, adding the possibility of racially-based injustice. During his sentencing, Smocks told the court, “I’m no Dr. [Martin Luther] King, but we do share same the skin color and the same idea of justice. I just want to be treated equally.”

The sentence was longer than even what prosecutors had requested, but Judge Chutkan refuses to lessen the sentence or deduct the time Smocks has already served since his arrest on January 15th.

Chutkan argued that she had not seen evidence that suggested Smock’s prosecution was racially motivated, and even though the federal judge is also Black, it’s hard not to see how the sentence was motivated by bias, whether political or racial. Other protesters charged with crimes during the riot, including several white defendants, have been allowed to plead down to misdemeanors.

So why wasn’t Smocks given the same opportunity?

Hopefully, his lawyers will be able to appeal his sentence and get him a little leniency.

Because if this sentence stands, it is NOT justice…

It’s political revenge.


“The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.” – Malcolm X