Political theater.

If you think that the committee hearings on the 1/6 riot are anything more than political theater, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

So many tears shed—or at least people trying to shed them—during these hearings so far.

It makes one wonder what about the real agenda for this whole committee.

If you’re on the Right, the agenda is clear: the Left wants to drum up emotional reactions that will lead to measures taken against the Right.

And they won’t be measures to ensure that an incident like the Capitol Riot never happens again, but instead measure to ensure that the GOP and anyone that supported or will support Donald Trump will never be accepted in polite society again.

Of course, this will fail…but they’re definitely going to try.

However, that’s why it’s so important to continue to call out the 1/6 Commission for the sham that it is.

Because as soon as it’s given credence, then they’ll have us over a barrel.

Fortunately, it’s been fairly easy to call them out so far, not just because of all the terrible acting, but because of their obvious disregard for the truth.

Under the leadership of Nancy Pelosi, the Democrats have set about blocking some instrumental witnesses and organizations from the hearings, ensuring that only ONE narrative gets airtime.

But these alternative stories NEED to be heard…and they may just tear the Left’s 1/6 narrative to pieces.

Case in point: The United States Capitol Police Union.

The Voices We Need To Hear

The head of the union, Gus Papathanasiou, has gone on record urging Nancy Pelosi to allow more officers to testify to the select committee investigating the riot.

He argues that the events of that day were actually “years” in the making—something neither she nor her cohorts are ready to hear.

Papathanasiou said, “Poor morale, inequitable pay and conditions, and a leadership that refuses to engage – these are contributing factors to the events of January 6th and they remain factors still, today. The Union asks that the Committee listen to the active-duty police officers who have been chosen by the rank and file to represent them.”

But this request is falling on deaf ears.

Congressman Jim Banks has a theory for why Papathansiou and other officers’ voices are being shut out of the hearings, and it comes down to the fact that their testimony does not advance Pelosi’s narrative of Conservative violence.

Banks said, “At yesterday’s January 6th Select Committee hearing, we only heard Pelosi’s cherry-picked version of events because she shut out any voices that didn’t further her partisan narrative. One of the voices Democrats rejected was the head of the Capitol Police Union, Gus Papathanasiou, who is elected by rank-and-file officers to represent their views. Around 90% of USCP officers belong to the union.”

Banks said that he asked the committee’s Chairman, Bennie Thompson, if Papathanasiou could testify, but his request was ignored.

But why?

If the truth is the goal, shouldn’t every stone be turned?

A Tragedy “Years” In The Making

Papathanasiou doesn’t even have a partisan agenda to push. He wants to highlight something that has been VERY wrong with the Capitol Hill police for a very long time, saying, “The police response to January 6th represents a disastrous collapse of leadership that was not simply an aberration confined to that one day. It was months and years in the making. To fully understand why our officers felt so abandoned, requires an understanding of how they came to be left uninformed and lacking in defenses when it mattered most – when an attack on the U.S. Capitol was being fully realized.”

Sure, what happened there was bad, and NOBODY is excusing the behavior of the idiots who assaulted these police officers—but to say that the problems of that day were due simply to Conservative aggression is categorically false.

Papathanasiou continued, “Most importantly, we arrived at that position of vulnerability because the voices of the rank-and-file-officers had been ignored for years. There was no collaboration from Capitol Police leaders with the frontline officers, instead it was a top-down approach that left a void of information and planning. As an officer working that day, I can attest, there was NO plan, and certainly no contingency plans by the Chiefs. That lack of leadership had tragic consequences. The riots led to the deaths of officers, and injuries to an estimated 140 Capitol Police and MPD officers, some of whom will never return to service.”

And while he might be incorrect about the claims of officer deaths, he’s most certainly not wrong in the fact that their testimony should be heard.

Pelosi should put her agenda aside and let these people be heard.

They deserve to be heard, and the American people deserve to know the truth.

Let’s make sure that this doesn’t ever happen again…

Come on, Nancy. The ball is in your court.


“Anyone who doesn’t take truth seriously in small matters cannot be trusted in large ones either.” – Albert Einstein