What happened on January 6 at the United States Capitol was one of the worst days for the country in modern American history, if not all of American history.

Not since the British burned the capitol to the ground in 1814 has such a large crowd of people violently stormed the Capitol. It was an appalling scene and every person who participated in the violence should be arrested and punished to the severest extent of the law.

Those who breached the security of the seat of government of the United States do not stand for the rule of law, for law enforcement, and for the United States Constitution.

These hooligans gave the Left and their media co-conspirators everything they have ever wanted. By their actions alone, all of us who voted for President Trump will forever be tied with the angry band of faux patriots who stormed the capitol. Leftist organizers were probably toasting champagne behind closed doors.

I understand why MAGA supporters are angry—I am as well—but violence is not only the answer and it isn’t needed to accomplish our goals. Nihilism is not the answer either. Republicans still control 31 state legislatures and the majority of governor mansions in the country. The fight will be at the state and local levels, the way the Founders intended it.

It should be noted that, of the over 100,000 marchers in DC yesterday, most were peaceful. It was just a relatively small group of thugs who breached the gates of the capitol building…and it is possible that at least a few of the angry perpetrators were affiliated with groups like ANTIFA. When they are arrested, we will find out.

As far as President Trump’s actions go, I do not blame him for the violence. In fact, he told the rally of his supporters just hours before to march to the capitol but to do so peacefully. He then tweeted two separate messages condemning the violence, and a video in which he told the protesters to go home.

With that said, he could have done more…much more. Within minutes of the violence, he should have been on national TV with a briefly-written speech in which he more strongly condemned the violence and told those at the capitol to go home. He also shouldn’t have hesitated and should have immediately called in the National Guard. His brief video was tepid at best and didn’t send a clear enough signal that what rioters were doing was wrong and will not be tolerated in this country.

There is something else that has bothered me about a faction of the Trump base, and that is the worshiping of the personality of President Trump. I say that as someone who has supported the president and has spent the last two years putting ink to paper doing so. However, Donald Trump is a human like the rest of us. He was born and he will die like the rest of us.

Life didn’t begin when he arrived and it will not end when he is gone. I despise cults of personality no matter who the leader is. As conservatives, we stand for the rule of law and the principle that this nation is a nation of laws, not of men.

The almost monarchal treatment of the presidency long predated President Trump and, unfortunately, it will continue after he leaves. The president is the head of one branch of government…that’s it. He has his duties spelled out for him in the Constitution the same as does the legislative and judicial branch.

The states are where the majority of the business of the country is supposed to take place, but the Federal government gets most of the attention in the media. This is not Trump’s fault; he inherited this.

Those who stormed the gates yesterday at the capitol set conservatism back years and ensured that President Trump will never be elected president again. Say goodbye to Trump 2024. If he runs, the Democrats will play clips of the angry Trump supporters invading the Capitol. He has no chance now.

Not only did they violate the law, but they also hurt the very man they claimed to be defending.

Finally, on a personal note, my initial reaction was anger at those who charged the capitol and inflicted pain on the Capitol Hill police.

It was the saddest I have felt about something outside of personal losses since September 11, 2001. I never thought some event could ever make me feel that sad again. But yesterday proved me wrong. Obviously losing 3,000 Americans is far more horrific, but at least we as a nation were united against a common enemy in the days and years following the attack.

This time, law enforcement was defending the U.S. Capitol, the very heart of our Republic, against Americans. To see this happen in our country broke my heart. This is not what many of us who have been fighting for the country and conservatism for so long ever intended.

This is a resilient country and is not irredeemable, but we’ve got work to do. So, let’s stop banging on our highchairs and get back to work. We have a country to save, and we can do it without raising a fist. If we aren’t successful, then we will be fulfilling the prophecy of Abraham Lincoln who once said: “If destruction be our lot we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of free men, we will live forever or die by suicide.”


“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called the children of God.”—Jesus Christ