Since January 6, the United States Capitol has been occupied by troops and surrounded by a wall in order to protect our lawmakers from being attacked again.

But last week, another attack was carried out on Capitol Hill, and one Capitol Police officer was killed in the line of duty, but this story quickly disappeared from the news.


It might have something to do with the fact that the murderer wasn’t a white Trump supporter, but rather a black Nation of Islam follower.

The media were waiting to run with the story that the killer was a white supremacist because that’s what they’ve been waiting for. The feeling of disappointment emanating from newsrooms across America was palpable.

And just like that, the story disappeared.

The Federalist reported, “There was an attack at the Capitol last week by a devotee of Louis Farrakhan, the 87-year-old in charge of the Nation of Islam. [The murder] bought a knife and rammed his car into the barriers on Good Friday, injuring one Capitol Police officer and killing another, Billy Evans, who leaves behind two young children.”

Interesting how it’s apparently not a story when a black supremacist kills a white police officer.

The media represent the lowest common denominator of society. They preach unity while seeking to divide the country further with their fake journalism that pits Americans against each other.

Here are a few examples of how our intrepid media reported the story as reported by The Federalist:

“Suspect in attack at U.S. Capitol described as average jock whose mental health appeared to quickly unravel,” a Friday night USA Today headline read.

“Green’s motives are not entirely clear,” a Monday story in The Hill read. “A U.S. official told the Associated Press over the weekend that Green had been suffering from delusions, paranoia and thoughts of suicide.”

“The suspect’s motive isn’t known,” The New York Times reported Wednesday morning, “but he posted on social media about his struggles during the pandemic.”

The free press is dead in America. It has been dying on the vine for a long time, but the press no longer even pretends to be objective when it comes to stories that might do harm to the Democrats. There is no longer a free press. There is only, in the words of Mark Levin, a “Democrat Party Press.”

These are perilous times in the country. It feels like the country is sitting atop a tinder box, and it is just one spark away from exploding. The mainstream media have helped light the fuse that will lead to the explosion. They have divided the country, and they bear much of the blame. It is up to sites like FreedomWire to bring attention to this fact and hold them accountable. That is what we intend to do. Somebody has got to do it. If not us and similar sites, then who will?

The media must protect the almighty narrative at all costs, especially when a black man kills a white man…but that doesn’t count as racism.

The dishonest media is just downright awful and the country is worse because of them.