Cancel culture truly is a fascinating phenomenon.

In a very short amount of time, it’s come to encompass our entire society.

It started small with the “politically correct” movement of the 1990s, and over the past 30 years has morphed into a cultural phenomenon that ends careers and ignores concepts like “forgiveness” and “redemption.”

We’ve watched as it’s consumed our society…and torn our country apart.

America has been canceling people for even the slighted violation for years now, but it’s the canceling of historical figures that is really baffling. Even to many on the Left, it doesn’t make any logical sense.

Sure, nobody feels like we should revere bad people…but what is actually considered “bad” depends on what time you lived in.

The Left seems to think that we should hold people from the past to the standards of the present, interpreting their lives based on what we’ve learned and how we’ve evolved since then.

It’s not fair…

We shouldn’t hold anybody to today’s standards except for those that are alive today—and even THAT is a slippery slope.

Turning An Eye Towards The Past

But still, cancel culture has turned its wrath on people that did things in the past.

The worst offenders are figured tied to the Confederate States of America, such as General Robert E Lee or any other solider that fought for the South during the American Civil War.

Over the last few years, these people have come to be known as “evil and racist” instead of just coming from a different time and place that had different values.

Watching the Left tear down statues of people they disagreed with is heartbreaking…

But even more so when they tear down statues of those that fought to FREE the slaves. Take, for example, the Boston Emancipation Memorial that depicted President Abraham Lincoln freeing a slave from his bonds and releasing him to freedom.

This statue was paid for and commissioned by freed slaves, yet the Left felt like it was degrading and interpreted it as a black man kneeling before Lincoln.

It’s ridiculous…

However, what’s more ridiculous is the fact that cancel culture has its sights set on a new target that had nothing to do with slavery or even colonizing the world…one that is guilty simply of being alive during the era…and one whose contributions to our world are unbelievably valuable.

The Godfather of Physics, Sir Isaac Newton, is in danger of being canceled, not for anything he had actually did but simply for being a white man in the colonial era.

The Godfather of Physics Canceled For Being A “Colonizer”

Why does Newton have the woke mob’s proverbial panties in a twist?

Well, according to Sheffield University in Northern England, it’s time to “decolonize the curriculum” as the school moves to contextualize Newton’s teaching with claims that the only reason he succeeded was his white privilege helping him benefit from “colonial-era activity.”

You can’t make this stuff up, folks.

Seriously, what’s there to contextualize? Do his scientific lessons carry LESS weight because of his status of a white man during the Age of Enlightenment?

No, they don’t…

But apparently this is important to British college students. Those enrolled at Sheffield will reportedly have lessons on Newton’s groundbreaking three laws of motion, including the law of gravity, with explainers detailing the “global origins and historical context” of his theories…

This means that professors will try to “challenge long-standing conscious and unconscious biases” among students by trying to confront the alleged “white savior” view of science and mathematics.

This stems from a push to decolonize the curriculum throughout the British college system. This Leftist movement extends itself from the hard-Liberal leaning of the humanities departments and branches out into the hard sciences…

And it’s already getting pushback.

An unnamed consultant that was hired to facilitate this move doesn’t seem to be on board, saying, “I’m employed by universities to do this training but for me equality, diversity and inclusion training is equality of opportunity, diversity of thought and inclusivity of action – that’s all. This is something different altogether. It is blatantly teaching people to be activists.”

The bottom line is this: who CARES if Newton or any other scientist “benefitted from colonialism” or not?

To be honest, we should be glad they did. Otherwise, they may not have made the scientific advances they did.

We should be THANKFUL they did, and it makes ZERO sense to attack somebody simply for being alive during a certain time in history – other than to discredit them as products of white privilege.

It’s a way for them to control the past…

Just like Orwell said they would.

“Those who control the present, control the past and those who control the past control the future.” ― George Orwell, 1984