The culture of political correctness isn’t limited to the United States; political correctness extends beyond our northern border to our friends the Canadians.

The social justice mob is just as vicious in Canada as it is in the US.

They successfully campaigned online for the firing of Hockey broadcasting legend Don Cherry.

Cherry is a colorful hockey commentator on Sports Net in Canada. His segment, “Coaches Corner” has been a fixture during hockey broadcasts for decades. Cherry is known for his oversized personality and crazy suites.

Canadians are hockey-crazed, and Don Cherry embodies that national obsession.

That is why it was shocking that Cherry was fired—a move made even worse given that he was fired because of comments he made about wanting immigrants to appreciate and show respect to fallen Canadian soldiers in foreign wars.

Cherry has been a passionate supporter of the Canadian military, past and present. His passion has extended to visiting Canadian troops in Afghanistan and military cemeteries in Europe to honor the fallen in World War II.

His emotions got the best of him when he blasted immigrants for not appreciating the sacrifices made by Canadian soldiers for their freedom.

The Daily Wire reported that “Cherry voiced his displeasure with people living in Mississauga and downtown Toronto not wearing poppy pins, which are meant to honor fallen veterans in the days nearing Canada’s Remembrance Day, which is in the same vein as the United States’ Memorial Day.”

Both downtown Toronto and Mississauga have large immigrant populations.

The following quote is the comment that got Cherry fired:

“People…come here, whatever it is, you love our way of life, you love our milk & honey. At least you can pay a couple of bucks for poppies. These guys pay for your way of life that you enjoy in Canada. These guys pay the biggest price.”

Good for him!

He is justified in his frustration; it is disrespectful not to recognize the men and women of the Canadian military who make their way of life possible.

Of course, the social media mob lost their minds and immediately started a #FireDonCherry campaign. Sportsnet gave into the mob and fired Cherry on Monday.

Canadian military valor—especially during World War II—is often forgotten, and the bravery of the Canadian troops in later wars is also not fully appreciated.

The Canadians often took the most dangerous assignments in World War II, especially at the Battel of Arnhem in 1944.

Canadian officers came to the aid of the British who were suffering due to a lack of officers.

The Canadians loaned some of their officers to the British; the program was dubbed the CANLOAN system. reported that “In total 673 Canadian officers volunteered for the CANLOAN system. All of them had ‘CDN’ added to their army number and were sent to England for battle training. Their casualty rate by 1945 was 75%, indicating just how costly the last year of the war in Europe was.”

It is soldiers like those that Cherry was seeking to honor, and his reward was being fired to appease the SJWs.

The social media mob claims another victim. They need to get a life and stop ruining other peoples’.