We often think of our neighbors to the north as friendly people with a system of government and values similar to our own.

Well, they are indeed friendly, Canada’s system of government and the principles behind their government aren’t the same as in America. They don’t have an equivalent to the Bill of Rights and they don’t value individual liberty like we do.

They have government-run healthcare and some legislatures moved to ban the use of certain pronouns and other speech they view as offensive.

And now they have internment camps.

Wait… What?

Yes, the Canadian government is now interning people who test positive for COVID.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the internment camps when he said,” If your test results come back positive, you’ll need to immediately quarantine in designated government facilities. This is not optional.”

Trudeau is instituting this policy for those flying in and out of the country. According to the order, citizens must be tested before and after flying out of the country. If they want to get back in after testing positive, they must go to government facilities to quarantine.

A member of Canada’s Parliament, Michelle Rempel, expanded on the absurdity of the internment policy further:

“The Liberals instituted a federal hotel quarantine requirement for those entering Canada. We have heard reports that it is taking hours to get through to book these hotels, dietary restrictions are not being met, and food and water are not always readily available. That’s in addition to this program continuing after reports of sexual assault. This is mind-boggling.”

To add insult to injury, Canadians who test positive are being forced to pay for their hotel detention centers themselves. The government is making them stay in hotels and not allowing them to leave or order good food, or if they do, many are not being reimbursed.

The Post Millennial reported about one such incident:

“An individual who wishes to remain anonymous contacted the Justice Centre about her stay at a hotel near the Toronto airport. She provided the Justice Centre with photos of her dirty, unsanitary room, including empty alcohol bottles, hair on the toilet seat, hair on the bedspread, and a dirty, uncleaned coffee machine. She was required to pick up food in the lobby; there was no contactless delivery to her room. On two occasions, breakfast consisted of a semi-frozen sandwich that was not edible and no utensils to eat with.”

What happened to the West standing up for and defending freedom? Enlightenment ideals of using reason and logic making the case for human liberty are now dead and leaders who are supposed to defend the rights of the individual are now the very ones suppressing those rights.

If COVID-19 was as deadly as, say, the Black Death or the Spanish Flu of 1918, the Canadian government wouldn’t need to force people into internment rooms to quarantine because Canadians would likely quarantine themselves to keep from dying.

Prime Minister Trudeau is a typical big-government globalist who loves the power he has taken for himself and preys upon the fears of his citizens to obtain more power.

As always, power corrupts absolutely.

And right now, our neighbors to the north are suffering because of that corruption.