A large group of Californians want to secede from the union.

They want to form an independent progressive republic, which includes setting aside land for a Native American homeland.

The group, Yes California, is leading an effort to put secession on the ballot in California. The plan is being referred to as #CalExit. This is a play on the Brexit referendum in Great Britain.

The group is seeking to ask California voters to agree to secede from the United States. They are citing a 149-year-old U.S. Supreme Court ruling as adding legitimacy to their claim.

However, there is no procedure in the United States Constitution for a state to leave the union. The case that the group references actually refutes their claim; the justices ruled that a state can’t break away from the union.

The process would require a constitutional amendment to bring it to fruition.

The progressive group is relying on the support of an unlikely ally: Republican state legislatures.

That’s right, Republicans.

Their logic isn’t that far off, actually. Republicans control 31 state legislatures across the country, and many aren’t big fans of the Golden State.

Many Republican supporters would love to see the progressive state exit the United States; they disdain the state’s far-Left policies.

A post on the Yes California website made this case: “Outside California, the people who most ardently support the idea of California secession are conservatives. Right now, the Republican Party controls the legislatures of 31 states … We need just 25 of them to pass a resolution granting California its consent to exit the Union. And that is our goal and that is what we are working to achieve.”

A plan from another group calls for the splitting of California into three separate states. The plan — led by Silicon Valley capitalist Tim Draper — garnered enough signatures to make the ballot last year. However, the California Supreme Court nixed the idea and ruled against the initiative.

It is tempting to agree with the group. The state is home to the most radical far-left policies in the nation.

California has the highest personal income tax in the nation, the second-highest gasoline tax, and other high taxes. Two years ago, the state passed an increase in the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

Regulators have decided it would be a good idea to require every new home in California to be equipped with solar power panels. This mandate will add thousands of dollars to the cost of a home and a shortage of affordable homes in the state.

But that’s OK, because when the prices for homes get too high, there is a back-up plan. A state senator has proposed giving each citizen a “right to shelter.” This would guarantee every homeless person a shelter.

There is even a proposal to tax text messages. I am not kidding. That would increase the cost of sending emoji’s. That is a bridge too far!

Despite all these supposedly great ideas, California is not doing well. The state is home to multiple bankrupted cities, towns without potable water, unaffordable housing, and massive unfunded liabilities for state employee pensions.

With such high debt, they can’t afford to secede … They would likely go bankrupt in a short period of time.

If they stay in the union, they will need someone to bail them out. And guess who will be forced to bail them out: the American taxpayer.

It is unlikely to happen — but it is fun to fantasize about. The state continues to descend into a socialist pit, and the rest of the country will be forced to pay the price for their actions.