As the COVID-19 crisis slowly approaches a resolution, many governors across the country are implementing plans to reopen businesses in their states. However, in many Democrat-run states, reopening efforts are being hindered rather than helped by local governments. In these states, governors continue to enforce lockdowns and stay-at-home orders, and they seem to grow more power-hungry by the day.

Perhaps the worst offender—aside from Michigan, that is—is the state of California.

In response to California Governor Gavin Newsom’s weak phased reopening efforts, Californians are implementing plans of their own. Multiple widespread efforts are underway, encouraging citizens to peacefully rebel against the coronavirus lockdowns to which they have been subjected for over two months. They are unsatisfied with their government’s response, and they fully intend to get on with their lives, with or without Newsom’s green-light.

Newsom Vs The People Of California

Over the weekend, the city of Atwater, California used the state’s beloved sanctuary city policy against the Democrat leadership, declaring themselves a “sanctuary city” for all business to resume as normal despite the governor’s orders. The city council stated that the decision, “affirms the city’s commitment to fundamental constitutional rights.”

According to reports, a network of 3,000 churches across the state, with a combined congregation size of about 2.5 million members, plans to reopen their churches for in-person services on May 31st. Church representatives say their services are “essential”, accusing the state government of overreach.

In Sacramento, an activist organization is holding a massive “freedom rally” for thousands of Californians to protest the mandates and celebrate freedom at the state capitol.

Contrary to the popular opinion that California is a pit of liberalism, these demonstrations prove that the American spirit is alive and well in the Golden State. Democrats had better watch their backs because Californians are done with the mandates.

The narrative of “flatten-the-curve,” “social distancing,” and “stay home, save lives” is losing its effect. People are losing their businesses, running out of money, and they see no light at the end of the tunnel. Newsom has spent weeks trying to convince law-abiding citizens that he is working on their behalf, but in practice, he’s making moves to benefit everyone BUT them.

Newsom’s Pandemic Power-Grab

Californians are sick of hearing that Newsom—or “Nuisance”, as some call him—is sending millions in COVID-19 relief to illegal immigrants, providing the homeless with drugs and alcohol to cope with the pandemic, and releasing violent criminals from jail to prevent outbreak behind bars.

And he does all this while simultaneously threatening hard-working Americans with jail time for reopening their business, surfing, and going out without face masks. Like a true authoritarian, Newsom is letting the power go to his head, and so far, no one has held him accountable. Furthermore, he is threatening to lay off first responders if the state does not receive more federal COVID-19 funds.

Newsom is openly holding Californians hostage while he attempts to siphon millions from the federal government.

See, the people of California are not stupid or blindly liberal. They know the virus curve is flattening and COVID-19 cases are significantly decreasing across the entire state. According to a tweet today from Newsom himself, over the past two weeks, “California has seen a 7.5% decline in hospitalizations and 8.7% decline in ICU patients statewide.”

That’s massive, especially considering that California had relatively few coronavirus cases for such a populous state.

The people are waking up and have decided they are no longer going to stand for nonsensical restrictions that are destroying their livelihoods. If the California government doesn’t take significant steps to reopen the state, they take a huge risk in losing not only the governor’s seat but seats up and down California.

Democrats be warned.