California is awash in a sea of liberalism. Their policies are so far Left that it is only a matter of time until the whole state collapses into the Pacific Ocean. Homelessness, lawlessness, and high costs of living are all rampant in the Golden State.

The state that once served as a rallying point of the American Dream is now a bastion of debauchery and poverty.

The state is only getting worse. California Governor Gavin Newsom has recently announced a new spending bill that resembles a Liberal Christmas list. However, the main feature is providing healthcare to illegal immigrants.

Governor Newsom’s immigration proposal would provide healthcare for 27,000 older, low-income immigrants who are in the country illegally.

The Associated Press reported, “California last year became the first state to offer full health benefits to low-income adults 25 and younger living in the country illegally. The deep-blue state of nearly 40 million people has about 3 million people who don’t have any health insurance. About 30% of those are living in the country illegally, according to the California Health Care Foundation.”

Last week, Newsome signed an executive order creating a proposed $750 million fund to pay rents, fund affordable housing, or help board and care homes. He’s seeking another $695 million in state and federal matching funds for preventive health care, but some of the money could also go to helping people find housing. And he ordered state agencies to free vacant state property to house homeless.

Last year, the City of Los Angeles experienced a 16% increase in the homeless population, in large part due to the city government, which prices citizens out of living due to their land use and rent control policies.

There are now 36,000 homeless people in the city of Los Angeles and over 59,000 across LA county.

The situation is dire in the city. According to the county “point-in-time count,” more than 75% of the homeless are unsheltered, while the rest live in cars, tents, and other makeshift shelters.

In typical liberal fashion, Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti blamed the homeless crisis on factors unrelated to the city’s liberal policies. Mayor Garcetti said, “these results remind us of a difficult truth: skyrocketing rents statewide and federal disinvestment in affordable housing, combined with an epidemic of untreated trauma and mental illness, is pushing people into homelessness faster than they can be lifted out.”

San Francisco is facing similar issues as Los Angeles. The situation is so serious that the city is spending more money on cleaning up human poop than on any other single issue.

But California isn’t the only state that is rolling out the red carpets for illegals.

There are an estimated 10.7 million illegal immigrants in the United States. A study published by FAIR in 2017 showed that illegal immigrants receive more than $100 billion a year in benefits.

They are not supposed to receive federal benefits, but somehow they do.

More than 25,000 undocumented workers receive subsidized housing, according to the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Children of illegals receive free education and English lessons, as well as free school lunches.

Hospitals and clinics are required to provide urgent medical care to illegals.

Illegal immigrants receive food stamps. Again, by law, they are not supposed to receive food stamps; however, they do. There is a loophole in the law. If an immigrant family has children that are born in the U.S., they are entitled to food stamps; 31 % of these families use the SNAP program and more than 50% of Central American families in the U.S. use at least one welfare program.

It’s good to be an illegal immigrant in California.

For the LEGAL citizens…it’s not so great.