When one thinks of President Abraham Lincoln, the first word that comes to mind is “racist,” is it not?

I mean, the man who liberated slaves, pushed for their right to vote, and was murdered by a white man for doing so is clearly a racist, right?

Of course, I’m kidding…but not everyone thinks that’s a joke.

That might seem absurd—and it is—but a California schoolboard is changing the name of a school named after the martyred president because they claim he lived a racist life that “didn’t make it clear that black lives mattered to him.”

Cancel culture keeps getting dumber and dumber. Their campaign to purify our national history and remake it in their Leftist vision continues.

Breitbart reported that “A so-called renaming committee in San Francisco is erasing the name of the 16th president of the United States from a school because Abraham Lincoln lived a life ‘stained by racism.’

‘Uprooting the problematic names and symbols that currently clutter buildings, streets, throughout the city is a worthy endeavor,’ Jeremiah Jeffries, chairman of the committee and a first-grade teacher in that California city, said. “Only good can come from the public being reflective and intentional about the power of our words, names and rhetoric within our public institutions.’”

This isn’t the first time lately that Lincoln has been canceled. A statue of Lincoln in Boston—which was dedicated by former slaves—was put under the sledgehammer by a local activist and a proposed statue of Lincoln drew the ire of local activists in Michigan last year.

At the time, Mlive.com reported:

“Two community members expressed concerns to the Kalamazoo Public Schools Board of Education Thursday, April 11, questioning the school’s role in funding the proposed statue… Brionne Fonville said it was inappropriate for the school to hold penny drives raising money for the statue, citing racial and social issues surrounding the former president.”

That’s right, old “Honest Abe” is not woke enough for the historical purists.

Ms. Fonville represents a growing movement in this country: Erase all the ugly episodes of our history.

If the person wasn’t pure as the driven snow by today’s standards, then they should be eliminated from our civic discourse. History should be rewritten the way the social justice mob wants it.

This whitewashing of history is similar to that of the classic novel 1984, where the ruling regime wants all unsavory aspects of the country’s past to be destroyed and rewritten to suit the narrative of the present.

It used to be assumed that President Lincoln was untouchable and everyone was seemingly united in preserving his memory.

Not anymore.

Ms. Fonville stated, “Our public school system’s curriculum tells a whitewashed version of U.S. history and Lincoln’s place in it … our community did this work so that native folks don’t have to continue to feel disrespected, misinterpreted, and retraumatized by depictions of white supremacy and historical violence against communities of color.”

Another community member expressed her opposition to the statue: “As we take down monuments dedicated to disgraced, white men, let us not erect more in deaf ignorance.”

She literally just called Lincoln a disgraced white man.

The man that liberated the slaves and took a bullet for their right to vote is now a “disgraced white man,” according to the social justice crowd.

It is true that Lincoln wasn’t perfect. He did believe that blacks were intellectually inferior to whites, and that they should be resettled in Africa.

If school curriculums want to include this unsavory part of Lincoln, that’s all right by me. It’s an example of how even good men can be wrong.

However, his greatness, the things he helped to accomplish, should be the main focus of the curriculum.

Despite his faults, Lincoln overcame those with his acts of tolerance and justice.

The spot where the statue of Lincoln is to be placed is the spot where he delivered a speech condemning the expansion of slavery.

That’s a good thing.

The former president signed the “Emancipation Proclamation” and pushed for the 13th Amendment that outlawed slavery — and was assassinated because of a speech he gave calling for former slaves to be given the right to vote.

All in all, I would say Lincoln more than made up for his personal prejudices.

He deserves to be memorialized for as long as this country endures. Upon Lincoln’s death, Secretary of State William Seward said, “He now belongs to the ages.”

This generation has a duty to preserve the memory of a martyred president…even if the “woke” don’t approve.