Finally, it appears that California is indeed going to reopen next month amid the ongoing effort to recall Governor Gavin Newsom. But, coming as a relief to conservatives, the state will not be implementing a vaccine credentialing system.

Secretary of California Health and Human Services Dr. Mark Ghaly confirmed Friday that on June 15, COVID-related restrictions, such as social distancing and capacity limits, will be lifted in the state of California.

“We’re at a place with this pandemic where those requirements of the past are no longer needed for the foreseeable future,” Ghaly said, according to Patch.

“Restrictions around eating and drinking, open bars, buffets, things like that will all go away,” said Dee Dee Myers, director of the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development, adding that Californians can now plan for major events such as large sporting events and conventions, which is “a really important milestone” for the state’s recovery.

However, mask guidance will remain in accordance with the CDC which lifts the requirement for vaccinated individuals.

The California HHS official continued, “We will continue to have some guidance on masking but it will be current,” Mercury News reported. “We will do what we can to ensure that it aligns to the CDC and to ensure it is specific to different settings.”

Contributing to the decision to reopen this summer is the state’s low case counts and its high number of vaccinations.

Contrary to previous ideas the state considered, California will not be requiring residents to carry a vaccine passport in order to resume normal life, business, or travel.

“We are not at this time requiring or considering a vaccine passport for vendors,” Ghaly clarified. “We know the technology is being privately developed…our intention is to provide some guidance.”

If the governor does not again move the goalpost for reopening, as he did at least twice last year, he will be following through on his April commitment to reopen the state in June.

The planned reopening will come just days after the verification process for over a million Recall Newsom petitions is completed on June 8.