Gavin Newsom – or Gretchen Whitmer? There’s essentially no difference between the Golden State’s tyrannical ruler and Michigan’s authoritarian leader anymore. During the initial stay-at-home orders, Whitmer was arguably the most controlling governor in the entire country, and her own colleagues had to pass legislation against her excessive abuse of power in extending lockdowns. But in the intervening months, California Governor Gavin Newsom has gone on his own power trip…and he’s just ensured that it can continue indefinitely by shutting down the state all over again.

On Monday, Newsom held a press conference in which he announced extensive rollbacks regarding the state’s reopening, which began in late May.

Newsom touted spiking coronavirus cases as the reason for shutting down again. He specified the rollbacks on Twitter:

“NEW: #COVID19 cases continue to spread at alarming rates. CA is now closing indoor operations STATEWIDE for:

  • Restaurants
  • Wineries
  • Movie theaters, family entertainment
  • Zoos, museums
  • Cardrooms

Bars must close ALL operations.”

The statewide measure, which affects fitness centers as well, follows just days after California saw its single-day high in positive coronavirus cases just days before, supposedly. Not to say that the virus is a hoax, but the numbers are likely grossly inflated. We can’t forget that coronavirus is a massive money-maker for hospitals and the state government, so there’s an actual incentive to have cases spike.

Unfortunately, this was a predictable move from Dictator Newsom, as it comes directly after he started small efforts to close back down. First, it was a mandate that bars must close in some counties, then it was bars and indoor dining in several counties, and then churches were prohibited from holding worship services. Little by little, reopening was already being rolled back, so his Monday announcement is not really a shock—but it is upsetting.

Even though I (a California resident) thought the first lockdown was overkill and reopening happened way too late, I was impressed that Newsom gave up his grip on the state. But I should have known the Democrats wouldn’t let the lockdowns go that easy.

Here we are in round two.

While round one at least had a specific timeline, this go-round does not. Newsom says he expects this “dimmer” version of a shelter-in-place mandate to last about three weeks. However, there is no specific end date, or at the minimum, criteria for ending.

Not only is this an arbitrary, indefinite shutdown, but can you guess what is still allowed? Massive protests.

Newsom wouldn’t be a real Leftist if he didn’t contradict his own mandates to “slow the spread” by allowing Black Lives Matter rallies. I can’t think of a riskier place to be during a pandemic than a protest. Furthermore, why is it that the state cracked down on anti-lockdown demonstrations, but is allowing BLM protests?

There’s only one answer – political agenda.

Californians need help. I understand that they voted Newsom in, but they didn’t vote for extensive, unprecedented stay-at-home orders. The people need stronger leadership from the state’s elected Republicans who have vowed to fight the Left but are cowardly hiding somewhere. What I do see are angry citizens rising up to protest, or simply moving out of the state. Californians have been abandoned by both the Left and the GOP. Hopefully, the federal government steps in soon to end this unconstitutional mess of a state we have.