The state of California agreed to a settlement approved Tuesday by a federal judge requiring state government to pay $2 million in legal fees for two churches that sued the state over an unfair, discriminatory lockdown policy.

With less than two weeks before the state is set to reopen at 100 percent capacity, California also agreed to not impose more restrictions on religious establishments than on retail stores, Fox News reported.

Two churches located near San Diego separately filed lawsuits against the state’s authoritarian overlord, Governor Gavin Newsom, who made the arbitrary ruling that forced churches to close while allowing Walmart to stay open.

Namely, the plaintiffs were South Bay United Pentecostal Church and Father Trevor Burfitt, a Catholic priest. The two filed lawsuits in Kern County Superior Court.

Attorney Paul Jonna said the agreement includes a permanent injunction that aligns with previous Supreme Court rulings that decided restrictions on churches cannot exceed those on retail businesses, Fox News added.

“If they’re gonna restrict Costco to 50%, then they can do the same thing to churches,” said Jonna. “But what they were doing before, as you may remember, is they were keeping those places open and they were shutting down churches — at least in California — completely.”

California was reluctant, to say the least, to allow places of worship to enjoy the same freedoms Big Businesses were entitled to.

Not only did Newsom prohibit churches from opening their doors, but when they were finally allowed to at some capacity late last year, the governor implemented more arbitrary rules, such as a complete ban on singing during praise and worship.

But, more than a year later, the state is finally paying a small price to atone for their discriminatory practices against churches.

California is set to completely reopen in about two weeks amid Newsom’s recall effort that saw more than two million signatures due to the governor’s extremely unpopular and unscientific lockdown restrictions.