So far, 2021 is not disappointing in the run to be more unpredictable than 2020.

As West Coast conservatives rejoice with the imminent recall of dictatorial Leftist California Governor Gavin Newsom, they are faced with an unexpected challenge…

Can they bring themselves to vote for transgender Kardashian-relative Caitlyn Jenner to replace Newsom?

In an interesting plot twist for the special election, which will likely occur by this fall if enough signatures are verified for the recall effort this summer, Caitlyn Jenner has officially filed as a Republican gubernatorial candidate.

Known as the epitome of progressivism, Caitlyn Jenner was formerly known as Bruce Jenner, a popular ex-Olympic athlete who won an Olympic gold medal in the ‘70s, before she underwent gender reassignment surgery.

Jenner was even featured as a keynote speaker at the 4th annual Women’s March in Los Angeles in 2019.

Given that she has an extremely progressive reputation, Jenner’s political identity as a Republican comes as a shock to many Americans.

Did she have a change of heart?

While we don’t know for certain, oddly enough, Jenner was recently captured on video recorded over the weekend stating that transgender girls who were born as biological males should not be allowed to compete in girls’ sports.

“This is a question of fairness,” Jenner told a TMZ reporter, “That’s why I oppose biological boys, who are trans, competing in girls’ sports in school.”

“It just isn’t fair. And we have to protect girls’ sports in our schools,” she reiterated.

Given that she has two daughters, three ex-step daughters, and one granddaughter, Jenner may have a vested interest in acknowledging the real risk Democrats’ transgender policies pose to biological girls, like her daughters.

Jenner’s stance on this issue directly opposes the Left’s entire “trans rights,” agenda which calls for allowing transgenders to take part in any gender’s activities, regardless of their biological predisposition.

While the remainder of Jenner’s platform is yet to be announced, it seems that she is determined to take some shared stances with traditional, conservative Republicans.

As we know from the 2003 recall election, Arnold Schwarzenegger won as a Republican primarily due to his high name recognition. So, if Jenner ends up being the frontrunner of the special recall election, California voters will be faced with deciding whether they can come to terms with voting for a transgender Republican.