Here’s the truth about the COVID-19 vaccines: they’re experimental drugs.

Anybody that says differently—and they’re normally a Liberal—is lying to themselves and to you.

The companies that have vaccines were given emergency provision by the FDA through Trump’s Project Warp Speed, leading to the fastest development of a vaccine for a deadly disease the world has ever seen.

However, ever since Biden has been in office, it seems the world has forgotten the ONLY reason that we have a vaccine in the first place is because Trump did whatever he could to help America (and the world) beat COVID-19.

That being the case, there are many—especially those on the Right—that don’t feel that COVID-19 was anywhere near the extinction-level event that the Left claimed.

And you can’t really blame them, seeing as the average age of those who died from COVID was HIGHER than the average mortality age and the recovery rate for those under the age of 50 was GREATER than 99%. It’s hard to make people suspend their logic on this one.

Test Subject Or Social Pariah – YOU Choose

However, that’s what’s been happening.

For some reason, this pandemic has become political, and a hard line has been drawn in the sand over COVID-19: either you think everybody should get vaccinated to save the world…or you don’t.

Those that think everyone should get vaccinated are voracious about their belief.

They will yell and scream at those who don’t want to get vaccinated, calling them everything from uncompassionate to hateful to actual murderers.

Meanwhile, those that think it should be a personal choice see those who are willing to be a test subject for an experimental medication as looney tunes.

Again, you can pretty much draw a line down the middle of those that feel that way, and you’ll find that their politics are in opposition to the others as well.

Those who wanted the vaccine have gotten it already.

Those who don’t want it haven’t gotten it and won’t be getting it anytime soon.

That’s why the government is running out of people who actually want the vaccine.

This is leading to a conundrum for the Left, since they want EVERYBODY vaccinated. It’s REALLY weird, especially seeing that, again, the lower you are in age, the greater your ability to recover from COVID.

Leftist politicians want you to get vaccinated so badly they’re offering food, event tickets, and even MONEY to get vaccinated.

Which is absolutely ridiculous.

Don’t you think that if this vaccine was absolutely necessary for EVERYBODY to get in order to survive, they’d have ZERO problem getting it?

Joe Biden And Liberals Getting Desperate

If this were TRULY life or death, they wouldn’t be able to keep people from getting it if they tried.

Yet, here we are, and they’re offering whatever they can to get people to get the jab—and judging by their latest stunt, it’s apparent they’re getting desperate.

Anheuser-Busch, the brewer of Budweiser beer, announced it’s teaming up with Sleepy Joe Biden’s administration and offering its “biggest beer giveaway ever”—but only if America can get to 70% vaccinated (or at least the first shot) by July 4th.

Biden’s press secretary Jen “Circle Back” Psaki bragged about the vaccine numbers during one of her recent briefings, claiming that the US was close to Biden’s goal. “We’ve now vaccinated 63% of the country and over 72% of those 40 and older are vaccinated.”

But they want more…

So, they’re offering… beer.

Makes COMPLETE sense, doesn’t it?

However, it does make you wonder: if this doesn’t work, what’s next?

Maybe tax exemption?

Or maybe we’ll go all “Idiocracy” and you can get a chance to win a position in his administration?

Don’t laugh…

We’re living through that movie right now. Might as well go all the way.

God help us…


“Liberty means refusing to allow some men to use the state to compel other men to serve their interests or opinion.” ― Auberon Herbert