The United States isn’t the only country to have draconian lockdowns. In fact, the lockdowns in Democrat-run states pale in comparison to those in many European countries, including England.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has locked the entire country down again, this time because of a new strand of coronavirus. It doesn’t take a PhD in biology to know that viruses often adapt and change. It is absurd to use this as a basis to lockdown an entire island nation.

And many English citizens have had enough and took to the streets this weekend. The Independent reported, “Several clashes occurred between officers and unmasked demonstrators, who chanted ‘we demand freedom.’

The Met [London Metropolitan Police] said that the protest ‘endangered the health of Londoners’ and that those arrested had been charged with breaching health protection regulations.”

The Associated Press reported, “On Saturday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced new restrictions because of the new strain. Several European Union countries and Canada were banning or limiting some flights…

Reports from Britain and South Africa of new coronavirus strains that seem to spread more easily are causing alarm, but virus experts say it’s unclear if that’s the case or whether they pose any concern for vaccines or cause more severe disease.

Viruses naturally evolve as they move through the population, some more than others. It’s one reason we need a fresh flu shot each year.

New variants, or strains, of the virus that causes COVID-19 have been seen almost since it was first detected in China nearly a year ago.”

The assault on freedom is unprecedented in world history. Every continent has seen widespread lockdowns that bar citizens from living freely while taking precautionary steps on their own.

Governments around the globe treat their citizens like they are stupid. If COVID was so dangerous, then why are nations imposing lockdowns? Common sense dictates that people wouldn’t venture into public if the death rate from a disease was significantly high.

Well, with coronavirus, the chances of dying from the virus is very low, especially for people under the age of 70 and those that don’t have any underlying health conditions.

It is sad to see a leader like Boris Johnson— who showed so much promise when he took over Number 10 Downing Street—become just another establishment politician hell-bent on suppressing individual liberty. Outside of engineering Brexit, Johnson has been a big disappointment.

English citizens are justified in taking to the streets to express their anger at their government. That is what should happen in all Western democracies where freedom is an essential part of life.

As long as the protests are peaceful, they should continue until Boris Johnson lets freedom reign again in England. Until that day, the citizens need to keep fighting back until their voices are heard.

Americans could learn a few things from these Englishmen. It’s time to tell governments around the world that they aren’t going to continue to be oppressed over a virus that has such a low death rate. If they don’t, freedom as we know it will be on the road to extinction.