In America, we all too often take our First Amendment right of free speech for granted. But while we get complacent, this right is often under attack, and it’s getting worse by the day.

But millions of Americans still value that right and are working to defend it.

In England, a country that we often assume values individual rights as much as America does, they don’t have a Bill of Rights and free speech isn’t a thing like it is in America. Britons don’t have a First Amendment, and that means they can only say what the government allows them to say on television.

British television host Piers Morgan—who once had an American show on CNN—found out the hard way that speech is regulated in England after he made critical comments against Meghan Markle following the now-infamous interview that Markle and Prince Harry conducted with Oprah Winfrey.

Morgan said he didn’t believe a word that Markle said and he questioned her account of being denied mental health treatment by the Royal Family. The media has outright misrepresented his comments. He never disparaged Meghan Markle’s claim that she was suicidal, he was simply saying he didn’t believe the Royal Family denied her mental health treatment.

Now Morgan has lost his job as co-host of “Good Morning Britain,” and has been put under investigation by the dystopian regulatory agency named Ofcom.

And the person who filed the complaint to Ofcom was…you guessed it…Meghan Markle.

As the old saying goes: “If you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen.”

CNN reported that “Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, made a formal complaint to British broadcaster ITV relating to Piers Morgan’s comments about her mental health, CNN has learned…

UK media regulator Ofcom said it had received over 41,000 complaints about Monday’s edition of ‘Good Morning Britain,’ and had launched an investigation under its ‘harm and offence rules.’”

What is Ofcom? Good question.

Ofcom was given a mandate by the British Parliament to ensure that television networks were adhering to certain speech codes. Basically, they are a legalized version of the American woke mob’s assault on speech they deem offensive.

A portion of OfCom’s mission statement says: “We want the UK’s communications systems to be accessible to everyone. This means we always look at accessibility, diversity and inclusion in the areas we regulate. We also focus on these principles in our own organisation.”

The First Amendment is not the only amendment that doesn’t exist in Great Britain.

Our allies in Great Britain also trample on privacy rights, and England laughs at the notion of a Second Amendment.

Gun control has been a disaster for Great Britain. The data tells the woeful tale of gun bans. Following a 1996 mass shooting in Scotland, all semi-automatic rifles and handguns were banned in the country. The immediate effect was a rise in violent crime, not a reduction

In Great Britain, Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government has used the pandemic as a way to further suppress individual freedom. Britain has cameras everywhere and, as previously mentioned, no gun rights.

In the London area, a Tier 4 lockdown has been implemented which mandates the following.

  • No household can mix and only one person can meet with one other person from another household in a public space.
  • All non-essential shops and businesses closed, including personal care and indoor entertainment.
  • No entering/leaving Tier 4 areas.
  • Residents must not stay overnight away from home.

Freedom is declining around the world, including in Great Britain. Is anti-free speech regulation in America’s future as well?

The clock is ticking…it appears to be only a matter of time. If authoritarian laws can take hold in Great Britain, then American is in trouble. It is more important than ever that we stand up for the Bill of Rights. If we don’t, America as we know it will cease to be.