Of all the “news” show hosts on television, none makes me scratch my head in wonder quite like CNN’s Brian Stelter. How this absolute Liberal hack ever got a job in the industry, much less a job with one of the biggest networks on the planet, is beyond me.

Now, it’s easy to go after the low-hanging fruit when criticizing Stelter—such as his appearance or the way he talks—but the truth is, neither of these matters. A much better criticism is that this man left his journalistic integrity back at Towson University, because he’s displayed NONE of it during his time as a New York Times reporter or CNN host.

However, with CNN’s failing ratings following Trump’s departure from the White House, the “news” network (I don’t know what else to call it, because they sort of report on the news) has decided it needs another adversary to attack—and for their next target, they’ve hit upon one of Fox News most famous faces: Tucker Carlson.

Tucker is an INCREDIBLE voice for the Right…

His sarcastic style can be viewed as smug by some, but his delivery is effective. He’s been able to galvanize the Right while royally pissing off the Left, which makes him aces in my book.

Why Tucker Is CNN’s Newest Target

I enjoy Tucker more than any other Right-leaning host out there—which is saying something, as I’ve got TONS of respect for guys like Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Dan Bongino, Ben Shapiro, and host of others.

I think it comes down to the entertainment factor.

Tucker has found a way to both inform and entertain,and that’s something I can get behind as a Conservative.

Which may be why CNN has decided to take aim at him.

Tucker is KILLING them in the ratings and the Left’s motto seems to be: if you can’t beat ‘em, label ‘em.

The only problem is that they’ve saddled him with a label that isn’t exactly bad.

In fact, when it comes to Tucker and those who watch his show, it’s a compliment.

What are they calling him?

Stelter called Tucker the “New Trump”—and he and his people think this is a bad thing.

Though I hate to give them any views, here’s what Stelter actually said:

And just in case you thought that was him riffing and talking off the cuff, here’s what the hack wrote in his newsletter to subscribers (probably like a list of 17 of them).

“Tucker Carlson has taken President Trump’s place in the media firmament. Is that a compliment or a condemnation? Depends on your POV. But the similarities between the two men are striking. Every weekday, Carlson throws bombs, makes online memes, offends millions of people, delights millions of others, taps into White male rage and resentment, stokes distrust of Big Tech and the media, coarsens the public discourse, never apologizes for anything and – perhaps most importantly – sets the GOP’s agenda.”

Doesn’t sound too bad to me. Except for the Left’s need to bring race and gender into everything (probably because their side lacks so much masculinity), everything else sounds pretty accurate…and also pretty positive.

However, the part that I find the be the funniest bit was his obvious shot that Tucker is setting “the GOP’s agenda”— as if Stelter and others like Rachel Maddow, Joy Reid, Don Lemon, Fredo Cuomo, and a host of others don’t do the same for the Left.

Come on, pot, that’s simply calling the kettle black.

The fact is, calling Tucker the “New Trump” may be GREAT for his ratings…

I’m sure that Stelter and the idiots over at CNN thought it would hurt him—but this will be GREAT for Tucker and Fox.

So, like everything the Left does, odds are it’ll backfire.

And we here at FreedomWire say…