Contrary to what we thought, NIH now says COVID hit American shores in December of 2019. Will the Left STILL blame Trump for the pandemic?

It’s SHOCKING how much truth about the last few years has been coming out over the past month or so…Shocking in a way that makes one wonder if this is new information, or it was the information being hidden from us by the Deep State through their control of the mainstream media.

Trump had an uphill battle from the beginning

He wasn’t just fighting America’s enemies abroad and the Left here at home; others were conspiring against him, members of his party that wanted him rendered ineffective and removed from power as fast as possible.

Nobody thought he’d win in 2016, and when he did, they went into panic mode and did whatever they could to damage his reputation whenever possible.

And in today’s day and age of soundbites, lack of context snippets, and short attention spans, that wasn’t too hard.

However, when the pandemic hit, it gave them all kinds of firepower to use against the former President, as nobody on the Left wanted to look deeper into the truths that Trump was giving us.

They just wanted him to fail.

The Truth About COVID-19’s Arrival in the US

The daily pressers that Trump gave were a poor choice on his part, it gave them multiple ways to attack him, even though he was just trying to be as transparent and informative as possible.

It wasn’t too long till they started blaming him for the pandemic.

They said he didn’t do enough to protect the American people from COVID-19, even though we didn’t have our first recorded case till the end of January in 2020.

Not only that, even when he did shut down travel from China, the epicenter of the virus, they lambasted him and labeled him racist, bigoted and xenophobic.

Even Joe Biden himself said that he wouldn’t have shut down travel from China.

But then they went about the task of destroying him daily for his lack of response.

Well, as I said earlier, a lot of truth is coming out lately, and while some have been pretty dang eye-opening, the new report from the National Institute of Health (NIH) should wake EVERYBODY up to the truth, that Trump couldn’t have stopped COVID-19 no matter what he did in January.

What did the report reveal?

Well, researchers have found more evidence to suggest that COVID-19 had already invaded the US as early as December 2019, WEEKS before cases were recognized by health officials stateside.

The report shows that blood samples from seven people in five states show they were infected with COVID-19 around Christmas, which is about a month before the first US cases were reported.

NIH Report Corroborates CDC Study

Now, like with ALL science, the analysis of the blood is not definitive, and as always, some in the medical field remain skeptical about this information.

But more and more, it seems that federal health officials are coming around to the fact that small numbers of COVID infections may have occurred in the US way before the world ever became aware of a dangerous new virus erupting in China.

Dr. Natalie Thornburg, the principal investigator for the CDC’s respiratory virus immunology team said, “The studies are pretty consistent. There were probably sporadic cases here earlier than we were aware of. But it was not widespread and didn’t become widespread until late February.”

And she should know.

The NIH’s report seems to gel with the CDC’s study that was published in December 2020 that analyzed 7,000 samples from American Red Cross blood donations that ALSO suggested the virus started showing up as early as the middle of December 2019.

Yet, the Left built a campaign around blaming then- President Trump for the now 600,000 deaths that have occurred, a number that should and will be scrutinized in the future, as it’s unclear how many people died BECAUSE of COVID and how many died WITH the virus.

This revelation should show America that they can’t truth the mainstream media, Nor can they trust the information Leftist politicians and figureheads put out there.

Again, this report is something that should show the world that Trump was powerless to stop COVID from impacting our country…And is owed an apology.

He won’t get it.

But if anybody is owed an apology… it’s him.

I can’t wait to see what other truths are revealed in the upcoming months.

Let’s hope one of them is the fact that Joe Biden didn’t win the election…

That’s the news we’re all hoping for.


“Truth is by nature self-evident. As soon as you remove the cobwebs of ignorance that surround it, it shines clear.” – Mahatma Gandhi