Civil Rights activist Bob Woodson BLASTED Virginia’s McAuliffe for his pro-CRT stance and his claim that there are “too many White teachers in Virginia.”

We need to listen to our elders.

Not the ones in DC, of course. Those old people are out of touch (and out of their minds) after spending years in the cesspool that our nation’s capital has become.

When I say we need to listen to our elders, I’m not talking about those who simply “talked the talk.” I’m more interested in the opinions and experiences of those who actually “walked the walk.”

These are the people that TRULY understand human nature and can tell the difference between right and wrong. These are the people who aren’t afraid to speak bluntly. The older we get, the less we care about people’s opinions—and those who have lived long, successful lives can prove it.

Civil Rights activist Bob Woodson not only talks the talk but, as history shows, he walked the walk…quite literally. Woodson actually marched with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. for equality in our country.

Woodson is a man whose perspective on freedom and equality is unchanged from that pre-Civil Rights Act – and he knows the difference between REAL oppression and woke “oppression.”

Woodson Weighs In

So, when Woodson weighed in on the gubernatorial race in Virginia, it may have surprised a lot of Leftists that he spoke out AGAINST Democrat Terry McAuliffe and his approach to education in the state.

McAuliffe is an advocate for Critical Race Theory, the social ideology that posits that there are two categories of people, the oppressed or oppressors, and that your skin color defines what you can and can’t achieve.

It’s become a hot topic in the state of Virginia as the election approaches, and so, when a living and breathing icon of the Civil Rights movement weighs in on the subject, people should take heed.

Woodson was prompted to get involved following a statement from McAuliffe that said in part, “We’ve got to work hard to diversify our teacher base. 50% of our students are students of color; 80% of the teachers are White, so what I’m going to do for you — we’ll be the first state in America. If you go teach in Virginia for five years in a high-demand area — that could be geographic, it could be course work — we will pay room, board, tuition, any college, any university or any HBCU [historically Black colleges and universities] here in Virginia.”

Sounds benign as far as a Democrat goes, right?

Offering free things to People of Color in order to get them installed in our schools as educators almost sounds noble…until you realize what McAuliffe is really saying. According to him, there are too many White teachers in the state, and it’s time to do something about it.

This statement set Woodson off, and he had this to say: “It is explicitly and implicitly a racist approach to education. The assumption is that in order to recruit more Black teachers that you’ve got to subsidize candidates in order for them to teach, they’re not offering this to White candidates. It’s really insulting, too… Why is he talking about providing special assistance to teachers, candidates, and then talking about HBCUs? That’s more than a [racist] dog whistle — that’s a dog megaphone.”

And once Woodson got rolling, he didn’t stop there.

While talking to Fox News, Woodson continued, “Everything he says echoes critical race theory. It automatically operates on the assumption that the most important aspect of our lives is race.”

This is a point many detractors of CRT have raised in the past, but hearing it come from a man like Bob Woodson carries a lot of weight.

Woodson understands the value of merit, which is why he said that any quality education system “has nothing to do with the color of the teacher or the color of the student. It has to do with the presence of excellence.”

Merit, Not Color

Now THAT is a noble cause.

The only thing that matters is the child’s education and how it affects the rest of their life. The color of their skin doesn’t even factor in.

This is something that we should all strive to achieve.

The goal of Dr. King, Bob Woodson, and others like them had nothing to do with making race a focus, but rather ensuring that it wasn’t a factor in the outcome of their lives.

Dr. King said, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

Democrats are making that dream harder and harder to realize.

They continue to want to make race the be-all end-all of human interactions without understanding how damaging and racist that mentality TRULY is.

Let’s hope the people of Virginia understand this and vote in somebody that cares about their kids’ futures.

Good luck, Virginia…

You’re going to need it.


“As a veteran of the civil rights movement myself, what I find most disheartening is their support of the dumbing down of standards.” – Bob Woodson