The news out of Venezuela continues to get worse. Every week there is a new revelation about the horrors inflicted on the Venezuelan people by the socialist regime of Nicolas Maduro.

Socialism promises equality of the masses. In one respect this is correct: Many citizens will end up equally dead.

That is what is currently happening in Venezuela. Venezuelan security forces have killed thousands of people in the past year and a half.

According to the Miami Herald, “Special Action Forces described by witnesses as ‘death squads’ killed 5,287 people in 2018 and another 1,569 by mid-May of this year, in what are officially termed by the Venezuelan government ‘Operations for the Liberation of the people,’ U.N. investigators reported.”

This is what happens when socialism is allowed to take hold in a country. History has taught us this lesson time and time again, but the world still buys into Marxist lies. Over 100 million deaths can be attributed to socialism in the twentieth century, yet the flawed system continues to have advocates.

The report continued: “Laying out a detailed description of a lawless system of oppression, the report says the actual number of deaths could be much higher. It cites accounts by independent groups who report more than 9,000 killings for ‘resistance to authority’ over the same period.”

In May, security forces turned to violence to suppress the opposition. Maduro’s forces used tanks to run over protesters in the streets, providing a symbolic image of the evils of the socialist regime.

The repression of the Maduro regime has been made possible by his predecessor, Hugo Chavez.

As I have previously written, Chavez rose to power in 1999. He went to work nationalizing the oil industry. He put inexperienced cronies in charge of the oil refineries, and despite high oil prices, oil output fell by 25 percent during his reign.

He decimated the country’s manufacturing industry by nationalizing it, causing output to fall back to 1965 levels. He took control of the farms and supermarkets, causing food shortages.

He placed price controls on many goods, causing producers to produce less. Health care and other services were controlled by the government.

Maduro’s regime picked up where Chavez left off. His regime has become increasingly authoritarian in its rule. Food shortages, hyperinflation, diminishing rule of law, a failing health care system, and the suppression of opposition have been exacerbated under his regime.

Socialism provides the catalyst for repression. By controlling the lever of an entire economy, the government can force citizens to bend to its will. This power is hard to gain without controlling the means of production.

Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have been awfully quiet about the bloodshed and repression in their “socialist paradise.” Now we know for a fact that the socialist government is murdering their people by the thousands — power they garnered through the implementation of socialism.

At this rate, it looks like things are going to get worse before they get better. All these killings could have been prevented if Venezuela had a free market and rule of law.

Venezuelans are suffering the consequences.