The Black Lives Matter organization has taken it upon themselves to promote an entire “year of purpose,” pushing their cause in the education system. In Part One of this series, I discussed how in February of last year, the organization staged a week of BLM activism in school. This year, they have decided to up the ante and promote their Marxist-racist propaganda during the entire school year. Essentially, they are pressuring schools to make BLM propaganda (much of it, by their own admission, deeply rooted in Marxism) a permanent part of children’s education.

The Black Lives Matter at School website posted the following mission statement for the year of purpose:

“In the wake of the murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, and others named and unnamed, a great Uprising for Black Lives has swept the nation and the world, inciting new urgency and radical possibilities for advancing abolitionist practice and uprooting institutional racism.

For too long public safety has been defined as spending more money on the legal punishment system and funding for more police in schools and communities. We believe it is vital to redefine public safety in terms of the holistic social and emotional wellbeing of students and educators. As educators, we turn inward in order to reach outward, linking our efforts to broad, integrated movements for social justice.”

The group also lists five questions for teachers to ask themselves to determine whether they are properly following the BLM creed…and God help them if they don’t. According to the movement’s current tactics, they will be publicly shamed and canceled by the mob if they fail to be an SJW purist. The following five questions are meant to make sure that teachers are in good standing with the woke cult:

  1. What is our school’s relationship to Black community organizing? Do we have relationships with local movement organizers? Do they see our school as a place that believes in their mission? Do they see our school as a place to connect with local families?
  2. How are school-wide policies and practices – especially disciplinary practices – applied across categories of race? Do problematic patterns emerge when we look at how policies are applied to Black students and when we also consider the intersections of gender, sexual orientation, and (dis)ability with Blackness?
  3. How are the voices, accomplishments, and successes of Black folx uplifted in my lessons, units, and curriculum? Rather than focus on singular events or individuals, does my approach highlight the everyday actions and community organizing that will lead to change?
  4. In what ways do our practices erase the histories of our students and prevent them from bringing their whole selves into the learning environment?
  5. How do I understand the role that local/state laws and policies have on the educational experiences of my students? What is my role in working to change policies, regulations, and practices that harm Black students and families?

Throughout the year, several days have been set aside as days with specific themes to promote radical Marxist and Black Liberation causes, including a day in which defunding the police will be promoted to the nation’s youth. Here are a few headliners:

October 14th: Justice for George Day

“October 14th is George Floyd’s Birthday.  Justice for George is a day to remember him and call for the defunding of the police and the redirecting of those funds towards social programs and education.”

Transgender Day of Remembrance

“Friday, November 20, Transgender Day of Remembrance 2020 for William Dorsey Swann.”

Queer Organizing Behind the Scenes

“January- During January, we find it critical to lift up Bayard Rustin, one of the principal organizers behind the March on Washington which is crowned as one of MLK’s lasting achievements. To be queer-affirming means lifting up our queer brothers and sisters.”

Black Radical Educator Day

“May 3rd: On Septima Clark’s birthday, we celebrate Black Radical educator day.”

This is the garbage that is being taught to many students in America. Our youth are being indoctrinated with radical anti-American ideology which is meant to breed little SJW warriors who will advance the radical Left agenda. If you have a child or grandchild in schools today, make sure that they are not being taught this vile curriculum.

If we aren’t vigilant, we might lose the future generations for good