Congratulations to the BLM organization!

They just had one of the most lucrative years for any not-for-profit organization ever!

Just in corporate donations alone, BLM amassed an INCREDIBLE $1.67 billion, not to mention the tens of millions ($90 million in 2020) they were given by regular everyday citizens.

Not bad for an openly Marxist organization, right?

You’d think that an entity that backs the ideas of Karl Marx would simply be a filter for that cash, taking it in and then handing it back out to those “comrades” that need it. After all, that would be part of the socialist mindset that they claim to follow.

But you’d be wrong.

Turns out there are layers and layers of secrecy concerning the cash that BLM takes in.

But the public has recently uncovered ONE of the places where the money is going – but before we get into that, let’s try to untangle the web that is the BLM donation fund.

The Tangled Web Of BLM Money

Did you know that, when you give through the BLM website, the money doesn’t go to BLM? In fact, when you click on the donation button, it takes you a page run by Act Blue, an organization that takes donations and gives them to Liberal causes and Liberal-minded politicians.

Of course, when you think about it, that’s a LOT of money going to help one side of the political coin.

You have to wonder whether any of the corporate entities that pledged a chunk of that $1.67 billion know that. Or maybe they do and they just don’t care since they’re going to make a profit off those highly-prized virtue-signaling points that the world seems to crave these days.

Of course, BLM has yet to disclose where all the money they’re taking in is going.

Sure, they SAY they’re going to helping “Black Americans stay out of prison” and ensure that Black-owned businesses survive, but there hasn’t been one shred of evidence that shows where this money has gone. No paper trail. Nothing.

What we do know is that 9% of the donation haul goes towards administrative costs, which is actually incredibly good when compared to other non-profits, like the Susan G Komen Foundation, where donations go more towards the administration than the actual research for cancer.

Of the $90 million cash-in-hand that BLM took in (the corporate pledges haven’t all been collected yet), about $8 million went to admin, and they set aside $60 million in a fund…but that leaves about $22 million unaccounted for.

So, where’d it go?

BLM: Property Moguls

Well, we may have figured out ONE of the places that money is going. Patrisse Khan-Cullors, the leader of BLM and a self-described “trained Marxist,” just bought a $1.4 million home in an exclusive—and mostly WHITE—LA neighborhood in Topanga Canyon, just outside of Malibu.

Again, not bad for a Marxist, eh?

Maybe she took a page out of Bernie Sanders’ book and copied his recent purchase of a Vermont lake house.

However, that’s not the only home that Khan-Cullors owns. She also maintains residences in other Southern California areas such as Inglewood and South LA, as well as a property in Georgia…

Giving her a grand total of $3.2 million in property.

That’s a lot of cheddar to plop down on a couple of houses…

Maybe she quoted the wrong book? Maybe she was reading Trump’s Art of the Deal instead of Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto.

And for somebody that works for a non-profit, she must make a HEFTY salary. Makes you truly wonder where that $22 million has gone, right?

Of course, I’m sure this will be defended by the Left. Those that speak out against Kahn-Cullors’ real estate spending spree will probably be called “racists” and “misogynists” just for criticizing the co-founder of a non-profit… for profiting!

I’ll bet dollars to donuts somebody calls me “racist” for pointing out a trained Marxist who has obviously profited from tragedy just because she also happens to also be a Black woman.

This is what happens…

Any takers?


“The Marxians love of democratic institutions was a stratagem only, a pious fraud for the deception of the masses. Within a socialist community, there is no room left for freedom.” ― Ludwig Von Mises