Warning: You are about to feel dumber for having read this article!

Just when you think that the millennial social justice movement couldn’t get any more absurd, they go and do just that. Many have demanded reparations for slavery in the form of monetary payments to the descendants of slaves. However, that isn’t the only form of reparations they want. Adding to the absurdity, they now want sleep reparations too.

Yes, you read that right—sleep reparations.

The group “Black Power Naps” was formed to “reclaim laziness and idleness as power.” I didn’t realize that being lazy gave on more power. I guess you learn something new every day.

Two members of the group were featured in an article by hard-hitting news site Teen Vogue. The following are a few of the mind-numbingly stupid highlights of the piece:

“Fannie Sosa and Navild Acosta were tired, but it wasn’t just any old fatigue. Yes, they experienced a lack of sleep, but they were specifically experiencing generational fatigue familiar to Black people and people of color. From this sleeplessness, the two created Black Power Naps…

A recognition of the hundreds of years of sleep deprivation that Black people and people of color have experienced as a result of systemic racism, a way to pushback against the false stereotype that Black people are lazy, and an investigation of the inequitable distribution of rest…

Sleep deprivation was used as a means of control over enslaved people, meaning Black people haven’t been getting the sleep they need for generations.

‘We’re dealing with an inheritance of sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation was a…deliberate tactic of slave owners to basically make the mind feeble,” [Acosta] said. “That same tactic has only evolved.’

To help resolve this chronic lack of sleep, Acosta and Sosa are calling for rest as reparations. Yes, they’re looking for an ease to the many burdens that might prevent Black people and people of color from sleeping like systemic racism, socioeconomic struggle, and more. But they’re also looking for the opportunity to rest and have leisure time — time that will allow people to dream and heal.

‘Slavery is a regime of stealing and extraction: Stolen wages, stolen life, stolen land, but stolen time was one of the main things. We need time,” Sosa said. “We need time off, we need time out. Our ancestors never got to take a month off for holidays, they never got to take a sabbatical, they never got to take a nap. When you pile all of those together, you see the reparations that need to happen are monetary, but they’re also time and space.’”

So, according to the Black Power Nap people, because their ancestors were slaves that were deprived of sleep, they are entitled to more sleep and less work? Try and wrap your head around that logic…

Let’s call this what it is: Another attempt by spoiled millennials not to work hard and to make excuses for their lack of work ethic. Capitalism requires hard work and many hours of blood, sweat, and tears to prosper. Americans are notoriously hard workers for a reason: In order to make money, you have to put in the time to earn it. The younger generation like the Black Nap people have no desire to put in the time. They are acting cowardly by hiding behind their ancestors who could only dream of having life as good as the current generation. The ability to complain about napping is a sign of freedom greater than anything their ancestors could’ve dreamed.