More and more, black members of the DNC are walking away from the party they were indoctrinated to support. They’re waking up and thinking for themselves — and are paying the price for their switch — but for these Americans, it’s a price worth paying.

During the 2018 mid-term elections, the rumblings of a movement started to be felt throughout Washington…


The WalkAway movement, started by a gay hairstylist from New York, empowered former Liberals and Democrats to do exactly that from their party…

Walk away.

It wasn’t big at first. In fact, it was really quite underwhelming, but like most things that spark true change, it may have started with a little poof — but is growing to a deafening roar.

WalkAway was the beginning. It prompted notable Conservative voice, Candace Owens, to start her own political campaign, Blexit.

Blexit is a movement that is promoting a “black exit” from the left side of the aisle as the community comes to understand that the DNC is still the party of slavery…

Same wolf, different sheep’s clothing.

The Black Conservative Movement

The movement has also started to gain traction, as it seems more and more black Americans are waking up to the fact that the Democrats only care about their votes, not their community.

Donald Trump has forever changed America…

And for the better. He was the shot in this arm that our country needed; he represents a changing of the guard. He represents a shift in power — a shift away from the bureaucratic elite and back to the people.

Trump is one of us…

He’s a regular guy that was getting sick and tired of watching the politicians destroy the greatest country in the world.

He reawakened that true, rebellious and free American spirit — regardless of the multiple campaigns to discredit and destroy him.

It’s a universal truth that people are starting to see, even those who ate up every piece of spoon-fed disinformation and smiled.

The problem is, bullsh*t only tastes good when you don’t know it’s bullsh*t — and they’re spitting it back in the faces of their feeders…

And the Black Conservative Movement is doing exactly that — and they’ve become more than just a movement; they’re now an official organization.

Why is there a need for the Black Conservative Movement?

The answer is simple…

Because they can no longer take the subjugation of their people. They see through the Democrats lies and will no longer stomach what they’re dishing out.

Black Americans are turning their backs on the DNC and, by doing so, are being forced to pay a heavy price.

Their own families and communities are turning against them.

A Price Worth Paying

The names that they’re being called are disgusting…

Calling them race traitor, Uncle Tom, house n****r and the like — all because these American are tired of being used.

One BCMer said, “You call me names and try to ostracize me because I’m choosing to think with my brain and not my skin color.”

But they’ve got a rallying cry…

These young men and women are gaining strength and support from a simple phrase: Can’t Bully Us.

They’re brave to stand up to the ridicule they receive from people in their own house, let alone their own neighborhood and communities — it’s not easy to go against the grain.

But they’re doing it, and the movement is gaining steam — thanks, in large part, to the organization.

The BCM is also asking for everyone to make videos about their experiences being bullied by the Left using the #CantBullyUs hashtag in the post “to show the left that they can’t bully us!”

We here at FreedomWire applaud and support them in their efforts.

Because a great America has never been about color…

It’s about freedom and opportunity.

And it’s refreshing to see that those who once had the wool pulled over their eyes are finally starting to see that too.


“I try to associate myself as just being myself — and being a person, an American citizen, going out there every day and just trying to be successful.” — Robert Griffin III