Have you noticed a common thread in headlines about any white-on-black assault or confrontation?

Regardless of the situation, race will always be the most prominent thing in the headline.

“White cop arrests black suspect”

“White woman calls cops on black family”…

“White man yells at black children”…

We’ve all seen the headlines and many of us end up wondering why race in these incidents even needed to become a factor.

Why can’t it just be “Cop arrests suspect,” “Woman calls cops on family,” or “Deranged man yells at kids?”

It should be, but it never is…

Well, that’s not entirely true. There are times when a crime involving two different races doesn’t mention the races of those involved, and that’s when the crime is committed by a white Liberals against a black conservative.

This just happened in Portland, where black conservative journalist Andrew Duncomb was stabbed by a white ANTIFA member, identified as Blake Hampe.

Thankfully, Andrew’s wound, while deep, missed all major organs and while he was in pain, he wasn’t in any danger of dying…

But it wasn’t from Hampe’s lack of trying.

Attempted MURDER In Portland Ignored By MSM

The conservative videographer was knifed in the back during the recent protests in Portland…

Andrew described what happened when he and a few of his friends noticed a group of people was trailing them after they were documenting the riots in the politically divided town.

After traveling several blocks with the people still behind them, Andrew said he handed his camera to a friend before approaching the men and trying to find out why they were being followed.

Andrew approaches them, and goes to put his arm around Hampe’s shoulder, saying, “Hey buddy, why are you following us?”

The video shows the rest of the incident. When Andrew goes to put his arm around Hampe in an effort to connect with him on a human level, the ANTIFA member responds with a quick thrust of his extremely long knife.

Like a TRUE patriot who ONLY speaks the truth, Andrew doesn’t believe he was attacked due to the color of his skin but rather because of his political affiliation.

However, even though Andrew doesn’t feel race was a factor in the attack, if the shoe were on the other foot and Hampe were a conservative and Andrew the liberal, you can bet your bottom dollar that the mainstream media would be making it about race.

They’d be playing that footage on EVERY broadcast, decrying violent racism in the streets.

The Most Disgusting Double Standard

However, this is the first white-on-black assault that has happened over the past two months that didn’t get hourly coverage by the mainstream media.

Most people haven’t heard of this story…

And that simply has to do with the politics of the two men involved.

The media loves to paint Trump supporters as violently racist bigots that want nothing more than an America that is dominated by white people and full of oppression of minorities…

But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

They would know this if they ever attended a Trump rally in which the crowd is so diverse that you would think it was a Benetton ad.

However, if you were to attend a Bernie or Biden rally, you’ve never seen so many white faces in your life outside of a Klan meeting.

This is the NEW oppression of the 21st Century…

And the modern conservative is the target.

It doesn’t matter your age, race, sex, or national origin – if you support Trump or conservative ideals, you’re not considered a second-class citizen.

Welcome to the Socialist States of America…

Enjoy your stay.


“For the powerful, crimes are those that others commit.” – Noam Chomsky