People will say that I can’t talk about the issue of crime or cops when it comes to the black community. They’ll say that, because I’m white and I’ve never had to experience the oppression that many people of color experience, I don’t get to have an opinion about what is good, bad, or neutral for the black community.

To those people, I say: “Hogwash.”

Yes, I used an archaic term to let people know that I have an opinion cultural diversity—and I’m just as entitled to have it as any other person. After all, I’m a part of our diverse culture too.

When it comes to multiculturalism, I am just as much a part of that conversation as anybody…

As Dr. Michael Karson puts it, “But white guys have nothing to apologize for in a conversation about multiculturalism. They have made huge contributions to the diversity agenda. White guy Charles Darwin proved that all people are related (plus dogs, cabbages, and worms, but still). White guys Gregory Bateson and B.F. Skinner taught us to understand behavior in its context. White guy Immanuel Kant demonstrated that no way of looking at a situation (including white guys’ ways) is fundamentally correct.”

Here’s the truth: any unwarranted violence perpetrated against ANYBODY by another human is abhorrent and should be denounced and stamped out wherever possible…

Especially if it happens to be at the hands of those that have taken an oath to protect and serve the community.

A Strained And Troubled History

The death of George Floyd sparked something in the black community, and has highlighted a very tense relationship between black people and the police—but in truth, the troubles started DECADES ago when bigotry and racism were the norm instead of the exception.

And if you don’t think that changes need to be made to remedy injustice that may be occurring in our police departments at this point in time, you’re a chowder head and need to really rethink your morals.

We should ALWAYS be striving to be better, no matter what part we play in our society.

However, when it really gets down to the numbers, it seems that cops are way less of a detriment to the black community than crime.

I get it…

They’re not mutually exclusive. We can fix our police AND do what we can to lower crime at the same time. However, there is a movement to abolish police altogether in many cities across America, and that does nothing more than put the black community—as well as every OTHER community—in more danger.

Take a look at what happened over the Fourth of July weekend.

A 7-year old girl playing with friends in Chicago, an 8-year old girl riding with her family in Atlanta, and an 11-year old boy visiting his grandfather in Washington, DC…all gunned down in cold blood.

These were the victims of criminals. These babies were shot because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

This has been an unintended outcome of the anti-police sentiment…

“Defunding the police” has come at the cost of an uptick in shootings and homicides in cities all over America.

No Cops… No Peace

It’s sad because the pandemic had shown to positively affect the homicide rates in America. According to available stats, there were fewer overall murders during April and May than at any other time in recent years…

But that all changed after George Floyd and the anti-cop sentiment that has swept the Left.

In Los Angeles, homicide rates have jumped a whopping 250% in a SINGLE WEEK.

In Philadelphia, shootings are up 57% from last year, and murders up 24%…

Milwaukee homicide rates have exploded a mind-numbing 95%…

New York City has seen a 44% spike in shootings and a 23% spike in murders…

And what is the common denominator in all these cities (besides all being run by Democrat mayors)?

Most of the shooting and murders are happening in the black community.

It’s horrifying, and it goes to show that the police are the biggest organization concerned with PRESERVING the lives of black Americans – not ending them.

And I think it answers the question as to whether crime or cops are more of a detriment to the black community.

I hope this is something that is addressed by BLM as well…

It’d be a shame for this kind of damage to continue.


“Understand, our police officers put their lives on the line for us every single day. They’ve got a tough job to do to maintain public safety and hold accountable those who break the law.” – Barack Obama