If you’re a conservative and you’ve been checking in on social media at all over the last few days, you may have noticed a huge push from your friends to follow them on an app called Parler.

Since the presidential election –which remains undetermined– big tech, as well as the mainstream media, have carried out the most extensive crackdown on free thinking that we’ve seen thus far.

Despite thousands of voter fraud allegations across America, Twitter has gone on another censorship crusade, suppressing tweets about America’s fragile election integrity from President Trump and many others who believe fraud occurred.

While Twitter has gone on a complete censorship rampage, even outlets like Fox News refused to air the White House press secretary’s press conference on election fraud. They won’t even entertain the idea that there was election fraud, they just want to pretend it didn’t happen.

As a result, conservatives and Trump supporters have begun a mass exit from social media and the mainstream media.

Many people are flocking to Newsmax and OANN instead of Fox News. And likewise, they are leaving Twitter and moving to Parler.

For anyone who hasn’t heard of Parler, it’s essentially the free speech version of Twitter.

Parler is a social media network where you can post your thoughts, opinions, photos, and videos. Like Twitter, a parley is equivalent to a tweet, an echo is a retweet, an upvote is a like, and so on.

However, the draw to the platform stems from its community guidelines.

The company’s four community guidelines say that they intend to allow all people the freedom to express their independent thoughts without fear of censorship.

One guideline on Parler’s website states the following: “Discuss and defend your values, passions, accomplishments and ideas in an environment that lets you be you, free of agenda-driven ‘shadow-banning’.”

Parler insists that, “All Parleyers are equal… regardless of race, sex, age, sexual preference, religion, politics,” and jokingly, “dietary preference.”

“Adherents of all religions —- as well as non-adherents -— are welcome to converse civilly, to discuss solutions to pressing world problems, and hopefully come to understand we are all more similar than we are different,” another guideline reads.

Most importantly, the site believes that by taking an unbiased approach to social media, they will prevent “rage mobs and bullies” enabled by “biased content curation policies.”

“Parler’s viewpoint-neutral policies foster a community of individuals who tolerate the expression of all non-violent ideas,” the website reads.

Compared to the kind of suppression conservatives have been subjected to on platforms like Twitter, Parler sounds like a dream come true.

The sad thing is, we shouldn’t have to get excited that a platform is going to let us speak freely. Freedom of speech is an American Constitutional right, not a privilege. We shouldn’t have to beg to have that right returned to us.

But, nevertheless, this is where we are in America.

At least we know that not all Big Tech wants to silence us and that there are still good platforms that will allow us to have freedom. I encourage everyone reading this to join the fight against big tech censorship by making a Parler account as well.