This is not fear-mongering, but rather a simple fact that Big Tech companies want conservatives permanently deleted from their platforms.

We knew companies like Twitter and Facebook hated the Right, but this “purge,” as many are calling it, is unlike anything we’ve ever witnessed before.

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are rampantly coming after conservative reporters who are simply telling the truth, as well as activists who are using their First Amendment right to express their opinions.

Just hours after Congress certified Joe Biden as the winner of the 2020 presidential election, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg temporarily banned President Trump from his platforms until at least Inauguration Day—then threatened to continue that ban for however long the company decides.

The radical Leftist platform also deleted the “Walk Away” movement Facebook Group, banned journalist Elijah Schaeffer, and is deleting posts from any and every conservative user—including yours truly.

I personally posted a flyer for a “Reopen California” conference happening next weekend in Sacramento, which Instagram removed, claiming it is “dangerous” or “promotes violence.” Instagram also removed a flyer I posted for the “March to Save America,” which was an entirely peaceful event, for the same reasons.

Most egregiously, they also removed stories I posted showing President Trump’s statement to the nation where he condemned violence and committed to a peaceful transition of power.

As for Jack Dorsey and Twitter, they suspended President Trump for 12 hours, removed posts where he said the Capitol violence was unacceptable and called for people to return home, and they have now threatened to ban the president permanently.

Furthermore, although this is unconfirmed and may have happened for other reasons, many influencers are reporting that they have curiously lost hundreds to thousands of followers on Twitter.

Shopify has also announced they will ban anyone who sells pro-Trump merchandise from using their e-commerce platform.

Reddit joined in the banned-wagon by permanently deleting a subgroup “r/DonaldTrump”.

Keep in mind all of this has taken place within the past 48 hours.

Big Tech wants to silence any individual who has a dissenting opinion or supports President Trump. Essentially, they are doing the Left’s bidding as presidential power is within their reach.

It’s a terrifying thought that we’ve reached this communist-style way of life on the internet in America, yet here we are.

It’s urgent that those of us who use these platforms for information start moving to other social media platforms such as Parler, Gab, or MeWe before we lose our communication system forever.

FreedomWire has moved to Parler as well and you can find us @FreedomWireNews on the #1 free speech platform.