Not that we didn’t already know it, but we now have some pretty definitive proof that Big Tech has it in for Conservatives.

For years, we’ve seen how companies like Twitter, Google, and Facebook have treated the Conservative voice – either banning it, censoring it, or burying it beneath a whole lot of Leftist narrative.

And, of course, the Left has denied it the whole time.

They insisted that they didn’t do any of that. These tech companies simply ensure that “truth” is the narrative, and that whatever the censored Conservatives have been pushing must be bigoted, racist, homophobic, misogynist, transphobic, or just flat-out false.

They said that the only thing Big Tech is biased against are lies and hateful ideologies.

But to the rest of us, it was obvious that this isn’t the case.

Big Tech—and the Left in general—is simply biased against anything that goes against their narrative or anything that stops them from gaining/keeping power.

The Bias Is REAL… We Know From Experience

It’s prevalent all across the internet.

Even FreedomWire has had to deal with this bias on more than one occasion.

We deal with it daily across our social media platforms, but especially on YouTube, where we’ve watched the views of our podcast go from THOUSANDS to less than three hundred as our subscriber list only grew.

It’d be interesting to see how YouTube execs would explain why we’ve only gained subscribers to our FreedomWire YouTube channel while our views have dropped off by a factor of 10. (Here’s your incentive to subscribe if you’re reading at home).

But it’s ok…

We’re plugging along, and we’re going to keep working to bring Conservative content to the people.


The Left can’t deny a bias against the Right—especially when the VAST majority of them acknowledge that there is in absolute bias when it comes to Conservatives.

How many?

Well, recently a poll asking whether or not there was an anti-Conservative bias in the tech industry was published on Blind, a forum and community app for 3.6 million registered and verified tech employees.

71% of the respondents admit to believing there is absolutely an anti-Conservative sentiment throughout their industry. 16% of them thought there wasn’t a bias, and 13% of them believed there was a bias against Conservatives but it’s entirely unconscious.

The Vast Majority Know The TRUTH

That means that 84% of the tech industry believes there is a bias, either conscious or unconscious, against conservatives.

That’s a HUGE number.

The poll in question was first launched by a Google employee, and as of the time the post published on the service, it received testimony of tech employees’ personal experiences regarding political and ideological bias present in the companies they work for.

This is a problem…

This is why the DOJ is now SUING Google for the monopoly they have on the search engine industry. Maybe, if they just allowed their search engine to function naturally instead of steering it towards Leftist ideologies and agendas, they could have continued to skate beneath the radar.

But they didn’t…

They got greedy.

They wanted all the money AND all the power, so they got in bed with the Left in order to subjugate the population.

This isn’t a guess…

This is what’s happening.

Can you imagine a world without Google?

Maybe we should…

And more importantly, maybe we’ll have to if the federal government finds them guilty of breaking anti-trust laws and being a monopoly.

They wanted too much…

And it may wind up costing them everything.


They’re costing America a LOT with their bias against Conservatives. They’re robbing our country of the TRUTH – and it serves them right if the government decides to break them up.

They want to play hardball?

Trump will oblige…

Though they may not like the outcome.



The most ironic quote so far:
“Government is the ultimate monopoly. And monopolies, as any economist will tell you, often breed complacency and a lack of innovation.” – Gavin Newsom