After telling us he wanted to unify the country, Sleepy Joe’s administration labels the riot that happened on 1/6 as “terrorism” and links it to “white supremacy.”

Remember when Biden told America that he could unify us? That he could heal the divide between the two different political ideologies?

Yeah… His definition of “unity” is much different from the Right’s as well as Merriam-Webster’s as to him it seems that driving the wedge DEEPER is his way of bringing us together.

Even though Joe’s in obvious cognitive decline, he IS a practiced politician, so his muscle memory seems to work fine when it comes to political doublespeak, as he often says one thing while doing another.

He said “unity” …But if that were true, he wouldn’t have spent the first 120 days of his presidency dismantling all of the policies that were working to keep America strong, safe, and secure, simply because they were initiated by Trump.

If he truly wanted to unify the country, he wouldn’t have done that.

He’d have kept those Trump legacies that were working and the Right felt were necessary, such as the construction on the wall and keeping jobs like the one created by the Keystone XL pipeline, and not gotten rid of EVERYTHING that Conservatives were working towards.

Another way to NOT widen the divide between the political parties?

Biden Says Trump Supporters Are “Terrorists”

Not labeling Trump-supporters “terrorists” or “white supremacists” – as NOT doing that would go a long way in showing us that Biden wanted to unite us…but that’s not what has happened.

Instead, the Biden administration came out and labeled the 1/6 riot as a “terrorist attack” and equated the attack to “white supremacy,” while failing to acknowledge that there were many different races in attendance.


The report says, “Domestic terrorist attacks in the United States also have been committed frequently by those opposing our government institutions. In 1995, in the largest single act of domestic terrorism in U.S. history, an anti-government violent extremist detonated a bomb at the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, killing 168 people – including 19 children – and injuring hundreds of others. In 2016, an anti-authority violent extremist ambushed, shot, and killed five police officers in Dallas. In 2017, a lone gunman wounded four people at a congressional baseball practice. And just months ago, on January 6, 2021, Americans witnessed an unprecedented attack against a core institution of our democracy: the U.S. Congress.”

You can’t make this up, folks.

Even though it’s plain to see the difference between ALL of these attacks and the 1/6 riot – as during the riot – nobody save for Ashli Babbitt was killed.

Not only does the Biden-backed report label that riot as a domestic terrorist attack, but it also suggests that the government should ignore the 1st Amendment and “purge” the internet of what they see as extremist content.

The question is: Who makes that call?

To top it all off, they also want to put some burden of blame on our military due to the number of arrests at the Capitol Riot being current or ex-military members.

Biden To Purge Military of Trump Supporters?

So, they’re looking to change that.

The report says, “‘The Department of Defense, Department of Justice, and Homeland Security Department are similarly pursuing efforts to ensure that domestic terrorists are not employed within our military or law enforcement ranks and that they improve their screening and vetting processes. Training and resources will be developed for state, local, tribal and territorial law enforcement partners as well as for sensitive private sector partners, to enable them to enhance their employee screening program, and to prevent individuals who post domestic terrorism threats and being placed in positions of trust.”

And how do they plan on preventing those service members who are leaving the military from becoming “radicalized” by those they deem to be “violent extremists”?

Apparently, by throwing $100 million at this “problem” so the Department of Justice, FBI, and the Department of Homeland Security can hire more analysts, prosecutors, and investigators to “monitor” the problem.

Not only that…

Outgoing soldiers will be forced to take a class on how NOT to become an extremist, as one Biden staffer said, “In addition, the Department of Defense is incorporating training for servicemembers separating retirements in the military, who may potentially be targeted by those who seek to radicalize them.”


So, I guess “unity” is off the table.

The fact of the matter is, the administration isn’t looking at the root cause of the riot. (NOT terrorist attack.)

They’re not understanding that this has EVERYTHING to do with half of the country feeling POWERLESS as they watch their country get overtaken by Marxists and globalists.

By ignoring this fact, it’s clear that Biden doesn’t care about unity.

He cares about power.

Nothing more and nothing less.

“Only humility will lead us to unity, and unity will lead to peace.” – Mother Teresa