It’s Friday, so that means it’s time for another edition of “Biden’s Blunders,” where we have fun at the expense of the 46th president of the United States.

Joe Biden is almost assuredly good for at least one, if not more, blunders every week…and that’s a guarantee you can take to the bank.

As expected, the president didn’t disappoint this week. It is a shame that his handlers don’t let him speak more publicly because he would provide enough material to fill up an entire tome of Biden’s blunders.

For now, I will work with what he gives us. I was tempted to go with last night’s primetime address, but I wrote an entire breakdown of the speech, which you can read here.

Instead, Biden’s blunder of the week occurred earlier in the week when President Biden celebrated the appointment of two women to combat leadership roles.

Even a simple celebration was too much for Sleepy Joe to handle, and he couldn’t walk out unscathed.

Thankfully (for me), he gave us a classic Biden blunder to focus on today.

Biden once again was unable to remember the name of one of his cabinet secretaries and couldn’t even recall the name of the Pentagon.

The New York Post reported, “President Biden on Monday seemed to forget Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s name at a White House event — calling the Pentagon chief ‘the guy who runs that outfit over there.’

Biden was announcing the nomination of two female generals to lead US military combatant commands.

‘And I want to thank the sec — the, the, ah former general. I keep calling him general, but my, my — the guy who runs that outfit over there,’ Biden said.

‘I want to make sure we thank the secretary for all he’s done to try to implement what we just talked about. And for recommending these two women for promotion.’

Earlier at the event, Biden mentioned the Defense Department leader by his name, ‘Secretary Austin,’ while appearing to read from a teleprompter.”

Biden has a long history of failing to recall…“you know …the thing?”

Biden tried to quote the opening lines of the Declaration of Independence before and failed to do so and then gave up and said” you know, the thing.”

Or that one time when Joe Biden who served as Barack Obama’s vice president couldn’t recall his former boss’ name… “you know, that guy.”

That guy was the 44th president of the United States, and he shouldn’t be hard to remember, although many of us wish we could forget him.

So it isn’t that surprising that Joe Biden can’t recall the name of the secretary of defense or even the name of the Pentagon itself.

I would feel bad for the guy if he wasn’t the president of the United States, but as president, he makes decisions every day that have an effect on all of our lives, so something as seemingly harmless as forgetting the name of Secretary Austin is concerning.

Check back with FreedomWire next Friday for the latest Biden’s blunder!