Welcome to this week’s Biden’s Blunders, where we have fun at the expense of our nation’s 46th president, Joseph R. Biden.

But as it turns out, he might not actually be our president…and no, I’m not talking about allegations of voter fraud. Joe Biden himself told a crowd full of soldiers in England that “I keep forgetting I’m President.”

So… does Biden still think he is a senator? Because it wouldn’t be the first time he thought he was still a Senator. Back during the campaign, he said that he was running for Senate, not the Presidency.

Biden as Commander and Chief forgot to tell the assembled American soldiers to “be at ease.”

I suppose that is a mistake that one would make, and then he tried to correct it with a self-deprecating wise crack, but it is more fun to think he actually can’t remember he is president, so that is the default position I am taking here. It’s more fun this way.

The man also forgot the name of his former boss…you know, Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States? I mean, I also would like to forget that Obama was our president, but I wasn’t Obama’s vice president, Joe Biden was.

This is also a man who forgot the opening words to the Declaration of Independence… “you know the thing.”

He mistook his wife for his sister, and then his sister for his wife.

I know it is confusing, but this is Joe Biden we are talking about.

Following the Super Tuesday Democrat primaries in March of 2020, Biden didn’t look at the two women behind him—his sister and wife— and Biden then proceeded to turn around and grasped his wife’s hand and said “this is my litter sister Valerie.”

And then he said “I am Jill’s husband” while reaching for his sister.

It is like a bad comedy sketch, but then again, his whole presidency is like a bad comedy sketch.

And that is this week’s Biden’s Blunders.

But be sure to tune in to see what “the most popular president of all time” does next!


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