Nationwide inflation continues to increase, even reaching a record high last week, amid the Biden administration’s feeble attempts to downplay rising food costs.

Food is becoming unaffordable for many families as prices rose a full percentage point in August, according to recent data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics on Friday.

Statistics for meat and poultry price increases provided by the Producer Price Index show that beef and veal are up by a shocking 59.2 percent.

Turkey, pork, chickens, fresh eggs, and fish are up by 41.4%, 34.1%, 32%, 31.7%, and 18%, respectively.

Once again displaying a dismissive attitude toward suffocating inflation, the Biden Administration chocked the astronomical increase down to falling “in line with historical norms.”

To distract attention away from the bad report, National Economic Council Director Brian Deese said during a press briefing last week that price surges only look bad if you include beef, pork, and poultry.

About half of the overall increase in grocery prices can be attributed to a significant increase in prices in three products: in beef, in pork, and in poultry. And in beef and in pork, weve seen double-digit increases in prices over the last couple of months,” Deese said.

If you take out those three categories, weve actually seen price increases that are more in line with historical norms,” he continued in a poor attempt to coverup the prices.

The NEC director’s out-of-touch comments prove he is completely disconnected from many Americans who may not be able to afford expensive meat products, which the vast majority of the nation depends on.

But this is not the first time the Biden administration has downplayed skyrocketing inflation. For months, it has written the matter off as a non-issue that will resolve itself in the coming months as the economy adjusts back to normal.

However, if prices continue to rise at this rate, Americans will not be able to afford to endlessly wait for miraculous price drops the Biden administration implies will happen.