There are things in life that are difficult. Climbing a mountain, grieving the loss of a loved one, and suffering from a deadly disease are all difficult in their own way.

But condemning Cuban socialism should not be one of them.

However, for President JoeBiden, this is a tall task. He just can’t bring himself to denounce the Cuban government for what it is: a third-world communist regime.

The socialist/communist system in Havana has wreaked havoc on the island nation for 62 years, leaving poverty, hopelessness, and death in its wake.

Socialism fails every time it is tried, and Cuba is no exception.

Ever since the Castros came to power in 1959, misery has ensued. Planned economies don’t work, and they never will.

Socialist economies invariably bring shortages of essential goods. Those who claim that the recent protests in Cuba were strictly about lack of COVID vaccines and other goods should not be surprised, because shortages are the norm, not the exception, of socialist planned economies.

The American Left has had an odd fascination and admiration for Cuba for decades.

It was only six years ago that then-President Obama opened diplomatic relations with the communist regime in Havana and celebrated their supposedly successful health care system. That is ironic given the medical shortages being protested today.

Bernie Sanders went so far as to praise Fidel Castro for his literacy program. Ah, yes, because when one thinks of a murderous communist dictator, they often think of their wonderful work with citizen literacy.

In the past, presidents from both parties spoke out against the Cuban regime and in support of freedom for the Cuban people.

President John F. Kennedy famously backed an invasion at the Bay of Pigs to overthrow the Castro regime, and President Reagan included Cuba in his ongoing battle against the evil empire of communism.

But President Biden can’t do the same. But it’s not really that he can’t…it’s that he won’t.

There is still time for him to change course.

He should immediately take to the podium and denounce the communist regime in Cuba in strong terms, and emphasize that the regime is a socialist one, not just a repressive regime that appeared organically over sixty-two years.

It is socialism that made the regime’s repression possible.

Then, Biden should announce that he will visit Little Havana in Miami and address a crowd of Cuban Americans who have spent the last week marching in the streets in support of their relatives still trapped in Cuba.

This would send a powerful message to the people of Cuba that the United States has their back. Knowing that the leader of the most powerful nation on earth is on their side will provide a jolt of confidence that the freedom fighters need.

Biden should immediately use our technology to restore internet access in Cuba so the Cuban people can communicate what is happening on the island to the rest of the world. That way, the repression can be seen in real time and there can be no denying how evil the regime is.

Biden should also reconsider his asylum policy for those who risk their lives coming to this country. He has left the door open for Central American migrants to flood our southern border but has been quick to warn Cubans not to come to America.

This reeks of electoral politics. The Central American migrants are far more likely to vote Democrat than are Cubans. Could it be a coincidence? You decide.

President Biden must not repeat the tepid response that his former boss made in 2009 when the Iranian Green Movement took to the streets of Iran demanding freedom from the Mullahs. Obama fecklessly responded to the crisis and provided no support for the freedom marchers.

They were slaughtered, and the Islamic regime remains a threat to the US to this day.

Time is running out for President Biden to show leadership. But sadly, if his first six months in office are any indication, he isn’t likely to rise to the moment. Tyranny is on the march throughout the world and Biden has stood by and has focused his fire on condemning the United States and not actual threats to democracy around the globe.

I hope I am wrong, and Biden steps up to the plate. I am doubtful. But the freedom of millions of Cubans may very well depend on him.

The ball is in his court. Now, what is he going to do?