This Morning’s “Cup Of Joe”:

Biden Wants to GRAB Your Guns

The Scoop: Now that the Biden Administration has made the rounds on immigration, the LGBTQ community, third-wave feminism, and globalism, he is heading toward grabbing your guns.

Last week, Biden continued to solidify his foreign policy stance around the world, while also renewing his commitment to gun control.

On the day we remember the 17 people who lost their lives in the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas school shooting in Parkland, FL, Biden issued a statement calling on government to “act now” on the issue of gun violence.

In a vow to prevent mass shootings like Parkland from happening again in the future, Biden said, “We owe it to all those we’ve lost and to all those left behind to grieve to make a change,” he continued, “The time to act is now.”

Biden has officially signaled he is warming up to follow through on his campaign promises to limit the sale of guns and ammunition.

Executive Action Alert!

This week, Biden kept it relatively short after his executive order rampage during his first days in office. The 46th president sparingly issued two presidential actions.

1 on National Security… Further solidifying his foreign policy agenda, Biden signed an executive order placing sanctions on Myanmar (Burma) in response to the military coup of the country’s Democratically elected leaders.

To pressure the military leaders to return power to Suu Kyi, the administration is “going to impose strong exports controls,” in addition to “freezing U.S. assets that benefit the Burmese government,” Biden said at the White House.

He also added that “We’ll be ready to impose additional measures,” if needed.

Watch Biden’s statement on the military takeover of Myanmar here.

1 on Faith-Based Partnerships… Biden signed an executive order re-establishing the White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships which will “promote partnerships with religious and secular organizations to better serve people in need,” the White House fact sheet reads.

Although it does not specify exactly how it will accomplish its goals, the order aims to work with faith-based partners to give Americans “facts about COVID-19 and vaccinations,” continue economic recovery efforts, combat systemic racism, increase opportunity for historically disadvantaged communities, advance international development and global humanitarianism, and strengthen pluralism and respect constitutional guarantees.

Although the administration vows to respect the idea of separation of church and state this country holds dear, the order Biden signed seems to undermine this concept.

Click HERE to see all executive actions.

Where Biden Stands: Foreign Policy

VIDEO: Biden Echoes Trump- China will “eat our lunch”

Sound familiar?

Freedom Flashback: Trump tells Biden “China ate your lunch”


Former President Trump ACQUITTED of Democrats’ unconstitutional impeachment sham.

The 45th President was fully exonerated as the Senate fell short of the votes needed to convict him of “incitement of insurrection” at the Capitol building on January 6th. Turns out encouraging Americans to “peacefully and patriotically march” to the Capitol does not equate to an impeachable offense—in fact, it’s protected under the First Amendment.

This comes after Biden condoned the Democrats in proceeding to impeach the president despite a complete lack of evidence and constitutional standing.

“It has to happen,” Biden told CNN in late January.

Biden’s lack of judgment loses already within his three weeks in office… and we have 47 months to go.

Previewing Next Week’s Biden Watch

Next week, we can expect more from the Biden Administration on coronavirus, stimulus checks, school reopenings, and more. Biden’s next few weeks will be crucial for defining the trajectory of his four years in office.

Will he continue pandering to progressive groups that voted for him? Or will he return to the establishment ways of doing virtually nothing while in office?


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