Remember when both Biden and Harris told Americans that “help” was on the way?

Little did we know they meant “vaccine passports,” which are a nightmare for any person who values freedom.

The Biden administration is reportedly working with private companies to develop a uniform way of handling credentials, or “vaccine passports,” for people who have received all doses of a coronavirus vaccine, the Washington Post first reported on Sunday.

Jeff Zients, the White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator, plans to announce updates within the next few weeks on the new way to determine who has or has not been vaccinated, an official told the outlet.

Although the White House has avoided answering questions on the initiative, Zients said during a March 12 briefing, “Our role is to help ensure that any solutions in this area should be simple, free, open source, accessible to people both digitally and on paper, and designed from the start to protect people’s privacy.”

The vaccine passports will be made available free of charge through apps on smartphones that will have a barcode that can be used for entry, while non-smartphone users will be able to print theirs out, developers have said.

While the passports would work for air travel and other purposes within the United States, it is unclear whether they would be accepted internationally.

If implemented on a widespread scale, vaccine passports would be the biggest and most invasive power grab the U.S. government has ever committed against the American people.

By enslaving us to a vaccine card, officials will be able to permanently control every aspect of our lives.

If unvaccinated Americans are required to show proof of vaccination when they use any mode of public transportation or visit any place of business outside of their own homes, they will essentially be deprived of life and liberty, which is a Constitutional right under the 14th Amendment.

On the other hand, such passports would have severe adverse effects on even Americans who choose to get the coronavirus vaccine. Forcing them into a system of medical bondage could require them to get any vaccine the state says is required, or else be banished along with the unvaccinated.

Vaccine passports are nothing more than a ploy by the government to trick us into thinking we are gaining a life of freedom after getting the coronavirus vaccine when really, we are entering a life of servitude to the government.

By giving into this idea, we would be turning over complete control of their medical freedom, rights to life and liberty, and access to essential services.

It is crucial that all Americans wholly reject the Biden administration’s next move to give us their digital stamp of approval to freely move about society again. Remember, free men don’t ask for permission.