Can you imagine what it must feel like to be Donald Trump?

After seeing the road that America was headed down, he left his cushy, familiar life to jump into the muddled world of politics, where he’s been attacked mercilessly ever since…

And all because he cares about our country.

He didn’t have to do this…

He could have continued making millions as a real estate mogul and reality star. Instead, he decided to LOSE billions in order to take a position that he didn’t need to do things for people that wouldn’t appreciate him doing it in the first place.

It truly must be mind-blowing.

Of everything that has transpired, though, the worst thing was the impeachment that the Democrats forced through the House for no other reason that to make Trump’s life a living hell.

What’s worse, because they couldn’t find a crime, they had to make something up, turning a benign call to the president of the Ukraine into a narrative of corruption and blackmail, which made the heads of people on the Right spin uncontrollably…

On top of that, all these established politicians like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer turned a blind eye when a video surfaced of Joe Biden admitting to actually blackmailing the Ukrainians. Leveraging his position as vice president, Biden strongarmed them into firing prosecutor Viktor Shokin, who was investigating the company for which Hunter Biden was a board member making more than $86,000… per month.

Biden’s Poor Choices

That’s unheard of.

Regardless, Biden actually DID strongarm Ukraine and nobody batted an eye. Trump simply hinted at them looking into it, and the Left immediately wanted to impeach him for bribery.


New evidence has been brought to light that makes Creepy Joe’s bribery look like a misdemeanor, as he may very well be guilty of TREASON when all is said and done.

What has surfaced?

Well, in a leaked call from late 2016 between Creepy Joe and then-Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, Biden seemed to try and torpedo Trump and his administration before he was even inaugurated.

Not only that, but he also appeared to be setting up a backchannel connection between himself and Poroshenko for a reason that isn’t too clear at the moment.

Biden wasted no time in bad-mouthing Trump, telling Poroshenko, “The truth of the matter is that the incoming administration doesn’t know a great deal about [Ukraine]”.

Badmouthing obviously isn’t a crime, but it definitely doesn’t help America when the sitting VP tells another foreign leader that the incoming administration was unprepared for the nuanced foreign relations that would need to ensure a strong bond with the two countries.

However, there was something that Joe said that COULD be construed as a crime, and AG Barr might want to look into things.

Coupled Together – Is It TREASON?

Creepy Joe boldly told Poroshenko, “I don’t plan on going away. As a private citizen, I plan on staying deeply engaged in the endeavor that you have begun and we have begun.”

Really, Joe?

You would think that Biden, a man involved in politics for nearly 50 years, would know that undermining Trump while also involving himself in foreign affairs AFTER his term was over would be in violation of the Logan Act.

The Logan Act is a longstanding law that stops private citizens from acting as an American agent in US foreign policy (which is kind of funny, since Joe Biden suggested that the FBI accuse Michael Flynn of violating that act when he had his call with the Russian ambassador before Trump was sworn in).

At the very LEAST, an investigation should be opened into whether Creepy Joe was committing his own violation by doing this…

And if he’s guilty, he should be behind bars, not campaigning from his basement to become the next president of the United States.

This is a TERRIBLE look for Biden, the Obama Administration, and the Dems as a whole.

“Scandal free”?



“Congressmen who willfully take action during wartime that damages morale and undermine the military are saboteurs and should be arrested, exiled, or hung” ― Abraham Lincoln