On Tuesday, President Biden gave a speech in Tulsa, Oklahoma to ostensibly commemorate the 100th anniversary of the horrific race massacre that took place in the city.

I say “ostensibly” because Biden, predictably, used the occasion to draw a false parallel between racist historic events like the Tulsa massacre and today’s America.

Biden said the following, as reported by PJ Media:

“We must address what remains the stain on the soul of America,” Biden declared. “What happened in Greenwood was an act of hate and domestic terrorism, with a through-line that exists today.

Then Biden quoted Viola Fletcher, known as “Mother Fletcher,” one of the last survivors of the Tulsa massacre who recently turned 107.

“Well, Mother Fletcher said, when she saw the insurrection at the Capitol on January 9 [sic], it broke her heart,” Biden said, apparently misremembering the date of the riot. “A mob of violent white extremists, thugs. She said it reminded her of what happened here in Greenwood 100 years ago.”

It is not only false, it is insulting to civil rights heroes to imply there is a “through-line” from those racist events and today’s America.

In the words of Senator Tim Scott, “America is not a racist country.”

Sadly, we have had racism codified in law in our past, and it is a scar that can never be erased. Although that scar can never be eradicated from the historical record, we can learn from the sins of our past and be a more just society that truly believes that “all men are created equal.”

And we have had that racial awakening in this country…that it, until the “anti-racist” zealots started promoting their racist Critical Race Theory. Before them, America had undergone a historic change, and was no longer a racist country.

There are of course, people still living among us that are racist in a traditional sense, but America isn’t a racist country. There are no laws on the books that I am aware of that purposely prohibit minorities from exercising their inalienable rights as Americans.

But you wouldn’t know that if you came out of a cave after being stranded for 60 years. If you listened to Joe Biden’s Tulsa speech, you would think that America is just as racist as it was in 1960, and that the country was no closer to living out its founding creed as expressed in the Declaration of Independence.

That “through-line” that Biden referenced is a canard, and doesn’t exist.

The Left trot out this false premise all the time. Historical racist events in our past, like slavery, Jim Crow, the Tulsa Massacre, are all used as evidence of modern-day racism, and even more, of modern inequities.,

Any inequality of outcome can be attributed to racists events in our past.

They often cite the fact that some of America’s Founding Fathers had slaves to justify their modern-day beliefs, but they use these moral failings to gloss over the form of government that the Founders established. They hate the system the Founders created because it precludes them from acting on their authoritarian tendencies to jam their belief system down our throats, and they hate the Founders for this.

“Equity” is the buzz word used by the Left and “equity” is being implemented by the Biden administration in all levels of the executive branch.

So, although it was good that the Tulsa Massacre is finally getting the attention it deserves, it is despicable that President Biden stood on the graves of those who were murdered to draw a false parallel between 1921 America and 2021 America.

Although, given his past statements condemning modern day America, I would expect nothing less from Joe Biden.