“Cognitive dissonance.”

It’s a term that gets thrown around a LOT these days, but nobody embodies this psychological theory better than former VP and current Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden.

For those that have been lucky enough to avoid having to figure out what “cognitive dissonance” actually is, it’s “the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change.”

“Inconsistent thoughts, beliefs or attitudes”…if that doesn’t fit Creepy Joe to a T, then nothing does.

Honestly, he’s so wishy-washy on so many different issues that it’s hard to keep track of where he stands at any given time.

But even so, we didn’t think he was capable of blaming the victim for the crime committed against him.

The Left is supposed to be the “tolerant” side…

They’re supposed to be about social justice and fairness…

If that were the case why is Creepy Joe now blaming the death of Aaron “Jay” Danielson in the streets of Portland on Jay himself?

Targeted And MURDERED

For those that don’t know, after a recent organized rally to show support for President Trump in Portland, skirmishes and scuffles broke out between the two different political sides.

Towards the end of the night, Danielson was walking to his car when he was spotted by the Leftist extremists. Turning around when he heard them yell “Hey, we got some [Trump supporters] right here. We got a couple right here,” he pulled out a can of mace, preparing to defend himself.

But before he could take any action at all, Danielson was shot by a man now identified as Michael Reinoehl and died waiting for the paramedics to arrive.

Danielson didn’t get into an altercation with anyone. He was simply walking to his car and was gunned down in the street just because he supported the police and President Trump.

In fact, there’s video evidence of this…

However, either Biden hasn’t seen the video or he’s once again practicing that cognitive dissonance we spoke about earlier, because that’s not how Creepy Joe views what happened.

Creepy Joe Blames the Victim

While talking with his running-mate Kamala Harris about the Breonna Taylor and Jacob Blake incidents, Creepy put in his two cents on Danielson’s murder as well, saying, “I might add, by the way, I think what happened in Portland, where a — one of the Trump guys riding along in vans, inciting responses, shooting rubber bullets, I guess, or paintballs, apparently there was someone shot by someone in the crowd, with a bullet. Killed. I think that person should meet the legal requirements, whatever that calls for, be investigated, and it should follow through on what needs to be done. Let the judicial system work. Let’s make sure justice is done.”

“Inciting responses, shooting rubber bullets, I guess, or paintballs…”

Except evidence and witnesses prove that Danielson was doing none of this at the time of his death. He was dressed for confrontation, but he never actually engaged in one, as reported by witnesses at the event.

He was simply walking home…

But for wearing the wrong hat, he was targeted and murdered for it.

You would think that a Leftist like Joe Biden would be more sensitive to victim-blaming, especially based on the way they were dressed.

It makes you wonder if he’d believe a woman was raped if she were dressed provocatively.

So, without evidence, Creepy Joe is making a lot of claims…

And he’s not being fact-checked once by mainstream or social media.

If you didn’t think there was a bias against Conservatives, this is proof being presented right before your eyes.

This is the uphill battle we have to fight…

And is Biden the man you want leading the charge?

Absolutely not.


“Blaming the victim is an act of refuge and self-deception. It allows the blamer to sit in judgment, imagining some mystical justice that means bad things happen only to bad people, thus ensuring their own safety. Una